Computer Networking Making Life Easier by MarijanStefanovic


									Computer Networking Making Life Easier

Network technologies can be classified as one of the two very fundamental groups. The LAN
(local area network) technologies can be used to connect multiple devices that are kept
relatively close to each other, say in the same building. For example the library terminals that
show the information of books, are usually connected over LAN technology.

Similarly, WAN or the wide area network is used to connect comparatively smaller number of
devices that may be kept some kilometers away. For instance, if two libraries situated at the
corners of the city want to share some common information then that would most likely be
done using the wide area network technology.

As compared to the WANs, the LANs are much faster and more consistent. However, continuous
improvements in the technology persistently blur the line of demarcation. Today, the fiber optic
cables have made it possible for the LAN technologies to connect the devices that are tens of
kilometers apart; and, all this along with improving the reliability and speed of WANs. All this
contribute to make the life of common man easier. Now, we can access the information that it is
kept in some other corner of the building or the city, by just accessing the LAN or WAN

The Internet technology is in fact one of the greatest communications developments of the 20th
century that has helped us in staying connected. It allows people staying in different corners of
the globe to send e-mails to one another in the flip of the eyelid. The web pages, e-mail
messages and the files download are all the boon of the entire computer networking on a higher
level. This is the basis on which a person with his computer in Greece can connect and talk
through his computer to another person sitting in the U.S. This is how, computer networking
both at its basic level as well as hi-tech stage helps in making life easy for the common man.

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