The Fort Pierce Friday Fest

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					The Fort Pierce Friday Fest
Fort Pierce is an appealing town on the Treasure Coast that has a number
of attractions that make it well worth visiting. For starters, Fort
Pierce offers excellent local restaurants and lodging choices, as well as
a very nice recreation area on the north side of Fort Pierce Inlet where
you can swim, fish, picnic, and otherwise just relax. There is also a UDT
Navy Seal Museum (possibly the only museum devoted entirely to the
trained aquatic mammals of the armed forces), a botanical garden, and a
wildlife preserve. The attractions of Orlando (including Disney World)
are within a two-hour drive of Fort Pierce, so there is plenty to do. My
favorite attraction in this area, however, is right inside Fort Pierce –
these are the attractions done and sponsored by the Main Street Fort
Pierce Project.

Main Street Fort Pierce is devoted to historical preservation and
creating new economic development in Fort Pierce. In addition to
acquiring historic buildings (for instance, the Sunrise Theater, a venue
dating back to 1923 that they renovated and turned into a performing arts
center – they now feature weekly shows), they sponsor a wide variety of
enjoyable programs. One of my favorites is Friday Fest. Friday Fest is
the most popular street festival on the Treasure Coast. It is held the
first Friday of every month and features live entertainment, food, and
drink. Each month, over 5,000 people show up for the festival, and more
are coming all the time.

The Fort Pierce Friday Fest would be an ideal opportunity to head to Fort
Pierce in a Millenium Limo for some much needed fun. You wouldn’t have to
worry about navigating unfamiliar territory, you could imbibe as much as
you want, taking in the sites and sounds of Fort Pierce, and then you
could be driven back home – all in the comfort and luxury of a Millenium
Limousine. It would be at once relaxing and exhilarating, as well as the
perfect way to get out to a part of Florida that you many never make it
to. Try out Fort Pierce, there’s really something there for everyone.
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