Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals Versus Carpinteria Vacation Rentals

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					Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals Versus Carpinteria Vacation Rentals
Now that Summer is approaching, I'm often asked by travelers to
California's Central Coast for the best way to lodge and experience
beautiful Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara is a destination point filled with
amazing lodging for tourists. Some of the most amazing hotels and Santa
Barbara Vacation Rentals and campsites on this part of the scenic coast
are available in this charming seaside town.
What about those tourists seeking to experience the Central Coast without
having to pay the high prices for food and lodging that is typical of
Santa Barbara, including the Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals? Santa
Barbara is bordered by Montecito, a small enclave of multi-million dollar
homes and high scale dining. Forget it. Bit a little further down the
ocean - only 12 miles - frugal tourists will find themselves in the
charming seaside town of Carpinteria. Carpinteria is small - population
of less than 15,000 residents.
Many of the private and affordable Carpinteria Vacation Rentals are not
only more cost effective than the heftily-priced Santa Barbara Vacation
Rentals up the coast, but are also located right on the sand of what is
known as "The World Safest Beach".
While the small town is well represented with nice hotels, motels and a
bed and breakfast inn, the most popular lodging each summer in
Carpinteria is the Carpinteria State Beach Campsite which has become a
tradition for many families visiting Carpinteria and Santa Barbara each
summer. This campground is surrounded by a Salt Marsh Nature Park to the
North and the seal and sea lion sanctuary to the South. Surrounding the
same area are many private beach homes and condos that are rented out
each summer as Carpinteria Vacation Rentals.
Carpinteria is unique this way because these Carpinteria Vacation Rentals
are located chiefly within 4 blocks of the ocean. And most of those are
located on the famous Sandyland Road, a street that runs adjacent to the
ocean front and is lined with private beach homes that are meticulously
decorated with
beach and surfing themes. By contrast, Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals are
not typically located anywhere close to the ocean because the city of
Santa Barbara isn't set up that way.
Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals are mostly located inland, requiring a bus
or taxi - or rental car - to reach the ocean. Santa Barbara is a
sprawling city compared to the small feel of the tiny town of Carpinteria
so Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals are located anywhere and everywhere in
the city. In Carpinteria there is always enough time to enjoy the beach,
restaurants and other points of interest and still have time to drive the
12 miles North to visit Santa Barbara, to partake of Santa Barbara's
amazing dining offerings.
Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals are typically privately owned by well-to-
do property owners who own and live in other properties and actually rent
these properties out all year round. Owners meticulously decorate these
fully stocked Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals with everything you need to
live for a week. During the summer, Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals and
Carpinteria Vacation Rentals alike typically require at least a one week
stay, even though some owners will entertain offers to stay with a three
day minimum.
The Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals and Carpinteria Vacation Rentals are
usually stocked with sheets and linens, pots and pans, to make your
weekly stay feel like home. Some owners even stock the closets with beach
kites, Frisbees, boogie boards and beach umbrellas. These are amenities
that you can't get by going camping or staying at a hotel.
Typical costs differences between Carpinteria Vacation Rentals and Santa
Barbara Vacation Rentals are considerable. In Carpinteria, you can expect
to pay minimum of $1800 for a two bedroom vacation rental on the ocean
for one week. The same size for Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals will cost
$2500. In the Winter, Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals and Carpinteria
Vacation Rentals plummet as far as rates to, as the Summer tourist season
slows down and weekly rates switch to monthly rates.
So what is the conclusion on the question of value when comparing Santa
Barbara Vacation Rentals to Carpinteria Vacation Rentals? If you don't
mind driving 12 miles to visit Santa Barbara, then Carpinteria Vacation
Rentals are the superior value. Otherwise, if you have no car and taxis
and buses seem inconvenient, then Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals are
probably the safest way to go.
Andrew Warren is a freelance leisure writer with specialized knowledge in
real estate and Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals as well as Vacation
Rentals in Carpinteria. For more information please visit: