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					                         Hurricane Preparedness Tips

     Make sure to have cash on hand for food and for minor emergencies.
     Make sure to have a full tank of gas. Carpool to safe locations.
     Make sure a friend or family member is aware of your location if you need to

     Stocking up on emergency supplies in advice can add to your safety and
      comfort during and after a hurricane. Store enough supplies for at least three
      days, preferably seven days, in one place. Essentials include:
         o First aid kit and essential medication;
         o Canned food;
         o At least three gallons of water per person;
         o Protective clothing, rainwear and bedding or sleeping bags;
         o Battery-powered radio;
         o Flashlights;
         o and extra batteries.

     Avoid driving during and immediately after a hurricane. Do not drive into
      flooded areas. Even a small amount of water in the roadway can damage
      your car or cause injury.
     Know what a hurricane WATCH and hurricane WARNING mean:
          o WATCH: Hurricane conditions are possible in the specified area of the
            WATCH, usually within 36 hours.
          o WARNING: Hurricane conditions are expected in the specified area of
            the WARNING, usually within 24 hours.

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