Women’s Health Funding Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going by SupremeLord


									Women’s Health Funding:
 Where We’ve Been and
  Where We’re Going
•   W&P is an affinity group, not a
    grantmaking entity

•   Presentation will be in 3 parts:
    1. Trends in Women’s Health Funding
    2. Changes and Opportunities in the Field
    3. Strategies for Funding
 Status of Funding for Women & Girls
          8                      7.3
          7                              6.4       6
          4                                                                 2000
          3                                                                 2001
          2                                                                 2002
          1             0.5
               Percentage of foundation dollars
              designated for programs supporting
                     women and/or girls.
Data Source: The Foundation Center, “Foundation Giving Trends: Update on Funding
Priorities” 2004 Edition
  Federal Support for Women’s Health
                                                             Fiscal Year   Fiscal Year
                    Federal Agency
                                                             2004          2003

National Institutes of Health (NIH)                          $27.98 bil    $26.98 bil

Office on Women's Health at the Department of
                                                             $29.1 mil     $29 mil
Health and Human Services

Office of Women’s Health at the FDA
                                                             $3.6 mil      $3 mil

Office of Research on Women's Health at NIH
                                                             $40.95 mil    $41.22 mil

  Source: Society for Women’s Health Research; http://www.womens-
Private Support of Women’s Health
• Of the $973M in funding to programs
  for women & girls in 2003/2004, 45.2%
  went to health-related areas
         Environmental Protection                         $2,898,197        0.3 %
         Safety & Disaster Relief                           4,687,595       0.5%
         Mental Health                                    15,041,594        1.5%
         Medical Research                                 37,547,537        3.9%
         Health – Specific Diseases                      151,978,530        15.6%
         Health – General & Rehabilitative               227,397,677        23.4%
                                                       $439,551,130         45.2%

Data Source: The Foundation Center, “Grants for Women & Girls.” 2003/2004
…About Trends in Reproductive Health
•     Funding for
      health and
      rights work
      slightly in
* Source: “Highlights from the Grants Database: Funding Analysis 2003”; The Funders Network
on Population, Reproductive Health and Rights
…About Reproductive Health Funders
                   •   A few large
                       provide the
                       vast majority of
                       funding in this
…About Funding Priority Areas
…About Domestic vs. International
What is the Bottom Line?
• Reproductive health funding levels
  are likely to drop in 2004 before
  leveling off in 2005.
Growth &
Diversification of Philanthropy
• Foundations have multiplied at an
  exponential rate:
      Today over 60,000, with 65% created since
       the 1980’s.

Source: Global Business Network
Development of Health Philanthropy
• Grantmakers in Health has identified
  >165 new foundations formed from
  health care transactions – conversion
• Scrutinized to ensure they are
  contributing to communities at a level
  commensurate with the benefit of the
  previous non-profit
Source: A Profile of New Health Foundations. Grantmakers in Health. May 2003.
Development of Women’s Philanthropy
• New laboratories of giving, including women’s
  funds, venture philanthropy groups, and
  donor circles.
• New centers of power are emerging, with
  more diversity and women as leaders and
• New centers of knowledge are changing
  philanthropy through new academic centers,
  evaluators, consultants, and affinity groups.
Source: Global Business Network
Tools for Action:
Three Frameworks

1. Fairness Framework

2. Effectiveness Framework

3. Human Rights Framework
Source: The Case for Better Philanthropy: The Future of Funding for Women and Girls. A Women
& Philanthropy Publication.
Fairness Framework
• Based on equal justice
  movements of 1960’s and 1970’s
•   Challenges:
       High competition for limited funding
       Grantmaker fatigue
       Misperception that gender inequality is no
        longer an issue
       “Pro-woman” approaches losing favor
Effectiveness Framework
• Increasingly popular among
• If foundations want to be more
  effective with their grantmaking, they
  cannot ignore gender issues.
• Effective grantmaking strategies within
  a foundation’s priority program area
  includes universal and gender specific
Human Rights Framework
• Emerging framework
• Ties gender issues to other justice
  issues, e.g. economic, environmental
  and racial justice
• Also provides connection between
  domestic and international work
• Will have funding challenges ahead
• There are opportunities if we engage
  some new funders
• Need to develop new strategies for
  making our case – framing is one
• A Profile of New Health Foundations.
  Grantmakers in Health (online)
• Highlights from the Grants Database: Funding
  Analysis 2003, Funders Network on
  Population, Reproductive Health and Rights
• The Case for Better Philanthropy: The Future
  of Funding for Women & Girls, Women &
• Leading 100 New Foundations Funding
  Women & Girls, Women & Philanthropy in
  partnership with Jankowski & Associates
Contact Information:

              Nicole Cozier
         Director of Programs
        Women & Philanthropy
      1629 K St., NW – Suite 402
       Washington, DC 20006
           Ph: 202-887-9660
     Email: ncozier@womenphil.org
      Web: www.womenphil.org

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