Cabin Rental Dos and Donts

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					Cabin Rental Dos and Don'ts
If you're thinking about renting your vacation cabin or buying a cabin to
rent, here are few quick and easy guidelines to help you get started.
Cabin Rental Do's
• Create a cabin rental agreement. Protect yourself and your renters by
having a contract that clearly states what is expected of both parties.
• Be aware of sales tax requirements in your area. Cabin rental owners in
your area may be required to collect and remit sales tax from rental
guests. Check with your local, county, and state tax authorities for
• Know which amenities renters are looking for. In many mountain cabin
markets (like Gatlinburg, TN or the North Georgia Mountains), hot tubs
and pool tables are must-haves! However, when searching for a lake cabin
(like Big Bear, CA or Lake Tahoe) many renters look specifically for
amenities like docks, paddle boats, and water toys.
• Consider accepting pets. Travelers with pets are a growing segment of
the population and often look for cabins to rent on vacation. Don't miss
out by excluding them.
• Sell the cabin experience in your decor. Many travelers escape to a
vacation cabin to get away from it all and appreciate rustic and cozy
aesthetics like log furniture, quilts, and fishing decor.
Cabin Rental Don'ts
• Over-decorate. When equipping your mountain or lake cabin for rental,
it's easy to go over-the-top with antlers, carved bears, and country
décor. When it comes to rustic decorating, less is usually more. Too much
décor can look cluttered and many potential renters associate clutter
with dirt.
• Underestimate the importance of photos. One of the biggest mistakes
that cabin rental owners make is having poor photos of their vacation
home on the Internet. When a renter is looking at cabins for rent, the
quality of a property's photos is a huge factor in their decision making
• Forget to change your insurance policy. When you start to rent your
lake or mountain cabin on a short-term basis, you likely will need to
change your insurance coverage. Check with your insurance company for
These are just a few tips to get you started. The key to success in any
endeavor is educating yourself before you begin. If you're thinking about
renting your vacation cabin, definitely talk with other cabin rental
owners in your area to get an idea of what to expect and to get advice
specific to your area or region.
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