mPayy Expands Payment Service to Include Pre-Paid Debit and Payroll Cards by EON


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									mPayy Expands Payment Service to Include Pre-
Paid Debit and Payroll Cards
October 12, 2010 10:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time  

CHICAGO--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--mPayy (, the secure online and mobile debit
payment network, has enabled pre-paid debit card usage on its network. mPayy members can now load funds to,
and fund payments from, their pre-paid debit cards via the mPayy network.

mPayy issues accounts to both consumers and businesses, and settles transactions via the automated clearinghouse
(ACH) network. mPayy does not use the Visa/MasterCard networks.

mPayy’s architecture enables the widest array of payments including:

   l   Ecommerce payments via multiple online checkout models;
   l   Mobile commerce via the mobile web, iPhone and Android applications;
   l   Bill payment via mobile invoices and email invoices;
   l   Contactless payments via cards and RFID stickers for mobile devices;
   l   Free online and mobile person-to-person payments.

“mPayy seeks to provide the simplest, most secure and convenient payments. Adding pre-paid debit cards to the
mix expands our offering for the unbanked and opening up the world of mobile payments to those who do not have a
checking account,” noted mPayy CEO Conrad Sheehan.

mPayy also provides free accounts that can be used to make online and mobile payments by the banked and under-
banked alike. Adding ACH-enabled pre-paid debit cards, mPayy makes it even simpler for those who do not have,
or choose not to have, bank accounts to send money to friends and family including students, military, the elderly,
and riders of public transit systems.

“mPayy has been called the ‘anti-credit card’, and we are proud of that moniker. However, our user base has
consistently requested the addition of pre-paid cards, and we are meeting those desires. mPayy tries to deliver
superior value to merchants and consumers alike, including lower costs and improved security than credit card. This
distinction will become more pronounced as we battle pre-paid card providers to deliver mobile payments in the
transit arena,” Sheehan concluded.

mPayy is a totally free system for consumers to make and receive payments from friends and family, as well as
ecommerce and mobile commerce purchases. Use of the pre-paid debit cards with the mPayy system may, in some
instances, incur usage fees from the pre-paid debit card provider, and mPayy issued debits may not be available with
all pre-paid debit cards.

Ruder Finn
Kristie Heins Fox, 312-329-3985


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