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					Teacher Stress Management: Is Food Your Ally?

                                  There are many varied solutions for teacher stress management. The
                                  procedures vary, ranging from short term solutions to long term ones.
                                  Some are expensive, and some are free of charge. As a teacher, this is
                                  something that must be noted upon to battle stress and avoid
                                  unexpected negative outcomes.

You might have already read various things on relieving stress instantly and effectively. But in reality
your best teacher stress management tool is food. Yes, you just got that right. Whatever you take into
your body or system can actually help you relieve anxiety. And oftentimes we notice that when we take
a specific food our mood totally changes as if the stress was not even there. Foods are the best and
most convenient therapy there is. Here are some ideas you can munch on to cope with stress.

Food # 1: Blueberries. This fruit contains antioxidants and vitamin C. These two are powerful stress
busters to begin with. No wonder this is called the "little blue miracle worker", living up to its name. So,
imagine chewing a vitamin that can relieve stress in a moment and that is how blueberries work. In
addition, it is low in calories, so you need not worry if you are on a diet. In addition it is even a good
source of fiber. In turn, it can relieve constipation and cramps which are common symptoms of stress as

Food # 2: Beef. If you love meat, then take in beef when you're under stress. It is a good food to take
when you experience anxiety. It contains iron and zinc. It also has B vitamins and more. Thus you are not
only getting some delicious meat but also taking in the necessary nutrients as well. Furthermore, beef
does not contain saturated fat which proves harmful to the heart. However, for an effective stress
remedy, choose lean cuts - preferably loin and round as top sirloin, filet mignon and round top.

Food # 3: Milk. When he heard about milk, all we can think of is calcium. In fact, there are many other
advantages milk can bring. For example, did you know that it is also helpful when you are under anxiety?
B2 and B12 have antioxidant, and free radicals. These radicals in turn are associated with stress that can
be washed away. Skimmed milk in this case is suggested and preferred. You can even mix with cereal
fiber enriched foods.

There are in fact more foods in the list that can be able to reduce and relieve anxiety. Therefore, if you
expect bad times ahead, prepare your food basket like the examples given above to effectively fight the
incoming stress. With this type of solution, it is not surprising that teacher stress management can be a
very delicious method.

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