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					                          Hiking the Nyiragongo Volcano
                                Virunga National Park, DR Congo
  The Nyiragongo Volcano, situated 20kms/12miles north of Goma, is one of Africa’s most active
  volcanoes. The hike to the summit (alt. 3,470m/10,410ft) involves walking through lush forest
   and lava fields to reach the edge of a 1.2km/0.7miles wide crater and a magnificent lava lake.

There are two options for climbing the volcano: • Payment must be made in advance through
• Overnight trip (Recommended): Leaving from                a bank deposit at the Banque Internationale
  Kibati at 10am, the climb to the summit takes             de Credit (BIC) in Goma. All payments must
  approximately 5 hours up and 5 hours down.                be made through this bank account;
  Tents are pitched on the edge of the crater.              cash will not be accepted.
• Day trip: Leaving at 7am from Kibati at the base          Bank: Banque Internationale de Credit (BIC)
  of the volcano; the return trip to the summit takes       Bank account name: ICCN PNVi Tourisme
  approx. 10 hours. (Please note the cost is the same       Bank account number: 22072010902-65
  for both trips.)                                          Swift code: BICDCKI
Congolese Wildlife Authority (ICCN) Rangers will        • Please present the receipt at the ICCN office
accompany you on your hike; they will meet you at         in Goma where a permit will be issued.
Kibati, the starting point of the trail. Porters will   • Your permit must be presented to the ICCN
also be available to hire when you arrive at Kibati.      Rangers at Kibati when you start your hike.
Porters are paid US$12 per day (ie. US$24 for the
overnight trip). The maximum weight that porters        What to bring
are authorized to carry is 15kg per porter.             •   Food and water
                                                        •   Rainwear
What does it cost?                                      •   Waterproof backpack
The hike costs US$25 for Congolese citizens and         •   Good hiking boots
US$200 for non-citizens. This includes park entry       •   Warm clothes (it can reach 5°Celsius/41° Fahrenheit
fees and payment of the ICCN Rangers.                       at the summit)
                                                        •   A change of clothes (you can get very wet going
How to book                                                 through the forest at the beginning of the trail)
• The maximum number each day for climbing              •   Toilet paper
  the volcano is 15                                     •   First Aid kit
• Bookings can be made at the ICCN office               •   Correct change if you wish to hire and tip porters
  in Goma or by email:
  17 Avenue des Pélicans, Goma, North Kivu;             For camping overnight:
                                                        • Tent
                                                        • Warm sleeping bag
                                                        • Torch
                                                        • Sleeping mat (you will be sleeping on rough lava)

    Did you know?
                                                •	 The	Nyiragongo	and	neighboring	Nyamulagira	
                                                   volcanoes are responsible for 40% of Africa’s
                                                   historical volcanic eruptions.
                                                •	The	last	major	eruption	of	the	Nyiragongo	
                                                  was in January 2002; over 400,000 people
                                                  were evacuated from the city of Goma.
Things to keep in mind
	•		You	must	arrange your own transport to and from          •	 If	you	wish	you	can	tip	guides,	rangers	and/or	
    the base of the volcano at Kibati.                          porters please remember to bring small bills.
•	 The	road	is	fairly	rough	so	a	4-wheel	drive	vehicle	is	
                                                             Please respect Virunga National Park rules:
    ideal, but it is also possible to come by motorbike.
                                                             •	 Do	not	enter	the	park	without	a	Ranger.	
•	 Don’t	forget	to	organise	transport	for	the	return	
    journey;	there	are	no	motorbike	taxis	at	Kibati.         •	 Leave	only	footprints;	take	all	trash	out	with	you.		
•	 ICCN	does	not	have	camping	equipment	available.	          •	 Avoid	unnecessarily	damaging	any	plants.	Do	not	
    You must bring your own gear.                               remove any plants or wildlife from the Park.
•	 The	hike	is	uphill	most	of	the	way	and	quite	             How to support Virunga
    challenging due to steepness and altitude. The           Please visit our website on www.gorilla.cd and follow
    summit is at 3,470m/10,410ft, and some people            our blog. You will find a host of information about
    may experience altitude sickness near the top.           Virunga, its Rangers, and the daily challenges in the
    In addition the terrain is unstable lava, making it      park. You can also donate to support the work of our
    challenging to walk. Take it slowly and rest as you      Rangers in their efforts to protect Africa’s greatest
    need to.                                                 national park.

                                                   Thank you

                                        Where does your money go?
      30% of the cost of your permit goes to the communities living around Virunga; 20% goes to the
    operating costs of the park and 50% goes to the additional national parks and reserves in DR Congo.

         Please note that ICCN re-launched tourism on the Nyiragongo following popular demand in March 2010,
    after over 18 months of being closed due to the civil war. ICCN is working on making the necessary improvements
                to the trails & the facilities. Please address any comments or feedback to tourism@gorilla.cd.

               Parc National des Virunga, 17 Avenue des Pélicans, Goma, DRC info@gorilla.cd

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