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The Benefits of Pet Friendly Hotels


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									The Benefits of Pet Friendly Hotels
Many pet owners don't want to leave their pets behind when they go on
vacation. After all, the pets are part of the family too. Leaving them
with a stranger is not an attractive proposition. Pet friendly hotels can
help with this problem, and let you bring your pet with you when you are
on vacation. Many pet friendly hotels have rules however, in terms of the
age, size, or training the pet requires before it can stay on the
Check Before You Travel
Needless to say, you need to know where pet friendly hotels are located
before you even set out on your trip. Researching and finding pet
friendly hotels is an essential part of the trip planning stage. And
there is LOTS of information and resources available to help you plan a
pet vacation that is not only a delight for your pet, but would be
memorable for you too!
Start by checking Internet travel sites that focus on pet travel. You
will discover lots of tips on finding pet friendly hotels. You can also
search out message boards for pet lovers to find out what their favorite
pet friendly hotels are. Most of all, the most important thing to do when
getting ready for your trip with your pet, is to call the hotel
beforehand. Why? Because hotel policies can change, so make sure you have
a confirmation before leave for the hotel that your four-legged friend
will also be welcome.
While You Are There
You may have to put down a deposit at the start of your stay, to cover
the possibility of your pet doing damage to the property. Even the most
pet friendly of hotels will expect you to keep your pet in check while
you are staying there, so you should make sure your pet is comfortable
and does not get distressed. Bring something with you that reminds the
pet of home, and keep the pet on a leash while the housekeepers are
cleaning the room so that they do not get in the way.
Get Your Pet Ready
Don't just decide to get up one day and travel across the country with
your pet - get it used to short journeys, and short stays away from home
first of all. If your pet does not like traveling, then perhaps you
should not take it with you - some pets can't handle long journeys,
others go crazy having to stay in an unfamiliar room for a prolonged
period of time - if that is the case with your animal, then perhaps
leaving them with a friend or in a kennel while you go on vacation would
be the best option in terms of their comfort and happiness.
Pets love to travel too! Discover a wide range of pet -friendly hotels and
pet friendly lodging at

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