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Pets And Spirituality


									Pets And Spirituality
In an extremely impersonal, complex and technologically oriented time
period, animals - and our pets (animal companions) in particular, serve
as important links with the natural world...the world of nature from
which we have evolved. All human beings were once part of an agrarian or
agriculturally based society, which lived in harmony and in close
proximity to the Earth and in whose lives the planet Earth played an
extremely powerful, if not pivotal role. All human beings were
inextricably linked to the natural world and to all living creatures.
Somehow, in today's world we seem to have lost our way and our identities
as spiritual beings above all else. We have transferred the importance we
traditionally placed on Nature to our own achievements - technological,
architectural, mechanical, medical, industrial. So many of us are unaware
of our connection to and relationship with Nature, even though we may on
occasion experience and reflect upon her extraordinary complexity and
beauty and with increasing frequency astoundingly experience the great
and terrible power generated by tornadoes, cyclones, earthquakes,
hurricanes, blizzards, floods, tsunamis, etc. We instead are focused upon
the external, scintillating, superficial and material, a world of
commerce and gadgetry and gimmickry. We have lost sight of the fact that
we are all a part of the world of nature and the Creative Force, which is
responsible for the whole of life, and all living creatures.
We live apart from one another - lonely, detached and isolated - unable
to deeply or even genuinely communicate with others, incapable of sharing
heartfelt and meaningful relationships, or to truly grasp and real
comprehension of love and gratitude. There are many among us, however,
who find real love, affection, friendship and companionship, camaraderie
and loyalty through the animal companions we adopt - those with whom we
forge a powerful bond and with whom we share our hearts, our lives and
our homes.
Today, for many of us, our animal companions are our only or most
important link with the world of nature. They teach us lessons about our
own spirit and spirituality and the spirit, which permeates the whole of
life. Through their very existence, pure-of-heart, full of love, and
vulnerable, they teach us important lessons about the delicate balance
and enormous power of the earth. Through their very existence and our
proximity to them, we come to recognize that the greatest, most enduring
gifts life has to offer are not material but, rather, spiritual.
Innate in human beings is a reverence and feeling of awe and upliftment
when we are in contact with the natural world: the deep blue oceans and
lakes; a cascading waterfall; a clear, starlit sky; a snow-covered
mountain peak; a glistening glacier; a verdant meadow in bloom and ablaze
with wildflowers. We find healing, serenity, peace and renewal in nature.
We somehow sense that there is a Greater Power Who has created and is
manifest in all living beings. Through recognition of this Greater Power
or Creative Force, we are able to discover that we are far more than our
mere 3 physical minds or bodies. We are the Power that motivates them.
DIANE POMERANCE received her Ph.D. in Communications in 1979 from the
University of Michigan, and has written the highly acclaimed children's
nonfiction book on pet loss, "When Your Pet Dies" which teaches children
how to cope with and recover from the loss of a beloved companion animal
as well as those inevitable losses in life. She is also the author of
"Animal Companions: Your Friends, Teachers & Guides", "Animal Companions:
In Our Hearts, Our Lives & Our World.", Animal Elders: Caring About Our
Aging Animal Companions", "Finding Peace After the Loss of a Loved Animal
Companion", and her most recent book "Pet Parenthood: Adopting the Right
Animal Companion for You." Dr. Pomerance counsels those mourning the loss
of a beloved companion animal. As a writer, teacher, counselor and animal
lover, she recognizes that the loss of a pet can be devastating to adults
as well as children. For over 25 years, she has also worked in a wide
variety of capacities in the entertainment industry both in New York and
Los Angeles, including production work with such programs as NBC's Sports
shows "NFL."

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