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									Owning a Pot Bellied Pig As a Pet - What to Do and Not to Do
When you are considering getting a pet that might not be of the norm,
there are many different pets that you have to choose from. Pot bellied
pigs are beginning one of the more popular options for people looking for
a different type of pet.
Owning a pot bellied pig can sound like a disgusting situation for anyone
that is involved, but you might be surprised at how nice these pets can
be. One of the first things that you should understand about owning a pot
bellied pig is that these are quite intelligent pets and will be
affectionate to their owners. One of the rumors about owning a pig is
that they have a bad smell, but the truth is that they are actually odor
free. Pigs are also non-allergenic so this type of pet can be a healthy
option for people who have severe asthma and allergies. One factor you
should consider is that a pot bellied pig requires a lot of attention and
care. They also require ample space and room to grow and develop. People
who are living in smaller spaces such as apartments are not recommended
to get a pet as large as a pot bellied pig.
Pot bellied pigs can end up growing to be up to 250 pounds, and this
isn't even overweight for them. You should also understand that a pot
bellied pig requires a long term commitment because their life span is
usually anywhere from 12 to 15 years at the very minimum. Because these
pigs are so smart, they can be easily trained with patience and a small
amount of work. Many of the tricks that you train your dog you will also
be able to train your pig to do.
Pot bellied pigs are also the type of pet that requires a lot of
attention. If you don't provide this for your pet, the pig can destroy
things out of pure boredom. Although it may not seem li ke an important
factor, the proper diet for your pot bellied pig requires a lot of
attention. You pig will require a low fat and low protein diet. This
means that table scraps are not acceptable food for your pot bellied pig.
Visiting your local pet shop could help you to find a feed of some type
that is made specifically for pot bellied pigs. Vegetables should also be
a key ingredient in your pig's diet. These extra nutrients will help them
to grow stronger as well as staying healthy.
For more information, contact the Philadelphia Vet Clinics at
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