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									Sending Funeral Flowers - The Religious Connotations
Sometimes it is extremely difficult to know exactly the right words to
say for someone grieving. Sending sympathy flowers will help say the
words you are unable to.
It is also important when sending sympathy flowers to adhere to the
etiquettes of the families religious beliefs.
Protestants, Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterians send flowers in the
name of the deceased as a mark of respect and an expression of sympathy
to the family.
Roman Catholics also receive sympathy flowers as a sign of respect for
the deceased. It is not acceptable to send flowers of sympathy to
Muslims, or Hindus.
For those who practice Judaism flowers must never be taken to a Shiva
call as this is regarded as most offensive, it is more advisable to ask
the florist to send baskets of fruit.
It is acceptable to send flowers of sympathy to Buddhists, although you
must inform the florist not to include any red flowers, but substitute
them with white as this is the color of mourning in Buddhism.
Sympathy flowers and cards are considered a fitting gesture by Mormons
(Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints).
Sympathy flowers are usually sent to the next of kin and their immediate
family by friends, distant relatives or work colleagues.
There are a number of different arrangements which can be sent to portray
your sympathy. It usual to use soft muted tones and shades rather than
bright, loud colors. Contemporary designs of single blooms surrounded by
abstract foliage and seed pods can make interesting and suitable floral
arrangements for men to receive.
Hand-tied bouquets of delicate pinks or blues interspersed with white and
subtle touches of foliage are suitable choices of sympathy flowers.
Traditional baskets filled with funeral flowers such as lilies and roses
of lemons and whites are a thoughtful sentiment as are planters filled
with dainty white flowers and an abundance of varying foliage. These
types of sympathy flowers are more popular than bouquets as they need no
further attention, bar watering, once received.
Sympathy flowers in general are thought of as flowers sent after the
death of a loved one, however, there are many other occasions when
flowers can be sent in sympathy.
Whether it is indeed the death of a loved one, including the death of a
beloved pet, or due to someone receiving bad news such as not passing an
examination or promotion for which they have strive, although you may not
be able to be there in person sending flowers tells people that you are
thinking of them and care about them at a sensitive and emotional time
with the intention of bringing joy, pleasure and comfort.
Receiving flowers lifts the spirits and many grief counselors strongly
recommend the sending of sympathy flowers to help the recipient come to
terms with their grief as not only the gesture of someone taking the time
to select and have appropriate flowers delivered, but also the
stimulation of the senses is thought to promote healing of the emotions.
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