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They had a rough idea about their background but didn't know enough to
start putting all the pieces together. What she eventually did was hire a
private investigator, I thought this was a bit extreme and asked how much
this would cost. My friend would not disclose the actual amount of money
she had paid, she just said, "it cost more than I wanted to pay".
Now I love anything like this and decided that I might try and create my
own family history without spending a great deal of money. While her
private investigator had a good weeks head start on me, I still believed
that I could piece together some of my family tree before she got her
results back.
I surfed the internet for three days looking for a starting point and was
sadly disappointed with my results, not only was I getting frustrated but
a lot of the searches I did were blind shots in the dark. I talked to a
few members of my family about the whole family origin and anything else
which I thought may be helpful but I still didn't have a lot to go on.
I then came across a vital piece of information which was the turning
point for my search, obituary searches
Once I had a little bit of information I could start to piece the rest
together from databases which were strictly aimed at death records, now
don't get me wrong, there are a lot of services on the internet which
cover obituary searches and some of them are very good, but I only found
one which was concise enough with all of the information I needed to put
together the details I required. The service I used even gave the last
know address of the deceased members of my family.
With all this information at hand I produced a pretty comprehensive
overview of my family history, when I showed this to my friend she was
not too happy. She had been charged a lot of money for the information
she had, the trouble was, it was the same printouts of information which
I had for my family which meant that the Private investigator had used
the same as I had done.
The freedom of information act makes searching for people through records
so much easier, and saves you so much time. You will be amazed at how
much information you can find, for a number of purposes.
Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Finding out about
your heritage can be a long and pain staking process, many people give up
long before they get their first results.
If more people knew how easy it was to find out about their families
history, they would definitely persevere. You can read more here about
obituary searches

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