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					Death, What a Creepy Word - But Is Death Creepy at All?
But of course it is. After the way most of us were raised about what
death is, its no wonder at all that we have a poor and utterly complete
misunderstanding of what it means. In this misunderstanding we exaggerate
the negative of what this experience is into the whole meaning and then
build that up too something that is intolerable.
Religion leads this march of misinformation as they ad the added
possibility of someone burning in the fires of Hell. A concept introduced
to the bible on the King James revision to scare the hell out of those
they wished to control. Naturally that was an effective means of getting
the masses into the grand doors of the church, but the resulting
complications were that of complete misunderstanding of the most natural
part of life and life ever lasting.
The true spiritual teachers of our history were never part of religions,
including Jesus. They were people who had a broader ability to connect
with truth and to the universal vibration of God. They delivered what
information they could part to us in simple ways that we might understand
the concepts that they were actually experiencing. Men as men do, then
began to create whole establishments of religion to control the masses
based on their interpretation of the truth. Ironically the men they
surrounded this dogma with, would not have ever been part of any
religion. These men were rouges, going by the beat of their own drummers.
They did not listen to other men, but to the innate guidance within that
they tried so hard to impart to us.
Death is only a continuance of who we are in this lifetime. Through our
lives we develop attitudes and preferences from the contrast that we live
on earth. There is no contrast on the other side from which we come, as
there is only harmony; no hate vs. love, no hunger vs. satisfaction. Our
time with the earth experience sets us up with desires and ambitions that
propel our journey forward into all experience. This can only be
accomplished from the contrast of the earthly experience. You must know
anger to know peace.
Death is a jumping out of the earthly experience, back to the home base
so to speak. It is the most natural thing, the most exciting thing that
we can do. When we cross over, after a brief adjustment period we are
then able to access the real understanding of our lives and the lifetime
we just completed. The illusions we lived in are completely removed and
we are once again able to see the whole picture of life and the meaning
of it. For some people who have extremely hard set expectations of what
the death experience will be, they will temporarily arrive in what seems
to be a world based entirely on their beliefs. This is to lighten the
adjustment period for that person, to gradually bring them into the true
nature of the experience. Some people who may have sudden deaths and
still have strong emotional ties to the earth plane may temporarily get
stuck within the earths vibration until enough time passes that they are
made aware of their situation and then make the adjustments to cross over
into the light.
Death is a liberation of all earthly struggles and pains. It is a day of
graduation, where the soul flows into a stream of unyielding love that is
home. It is not a time of judgment but a time of reflection. Regardless
of the life one lived, whether a life of extreme negativity or absolute
prosperity the soul has accomplished yet another great and awesome
experience of being on the leading edge of creation. Again I say, there
will be no judgment, only reflection. The lifetime lived spews forth
inspirations and desires and knowledge that can only be gained in the
lifetime of contrast. This knowledge grows the soul, expands the soul
into a broader and more beautiful expression of God.
Unfortunately we have been taught to be born and fear death from each
turn of the day. Death is an experience that liberates us from the
constraints of earthly life and is in fact a wonderful gift that we will
all receive. The only reason we should avoid the experience is that we
came here to accomplish more experiences to gain more knowledge out of
the contrast of earth. We came here for that purpose, to experience
contrast and then grow our own ambitions. This is a treasure that we
carry back when we cross over, and this knowledge benefits not only us
but the greater energy of God.
As another teaching of religion we are all taught that we are separate
from God and others. God as well as our loved ones are somewhere on the
outside of us, only reachable at some future time. After we are
conditioned to believe this, then the death of a loved one becomes
particularly traumatic since we lost our true understanding of what death
truly is, and our innate relationship to God and our loved ones.
Our loved ones are as close as the ocean is to the fishes within. When
they leave the physical body, they have transcended the confines of a
single form of expression and are now capable of engaging with you in
other forms of awareness. They have actually become more available to
you, but in your own misunderstanding of death you have become less
available to them. Your own belief that they are gone somewhere else far
away from you actually prevents you from feeling them or hearing them in
the other ways they have to communicate with you.
Reconsider the beliefs that you adopted about death from religion or
information that was simply passed down generation to generation. Your
own common sense will provide you with all the information that you need.
Sure it takes time, but it all begins with the desire to find the truth
based solely on how that information feels to you. The more you look, the
more you find.
Death is only a rebirth. It is only the completion of the circle of life.
It is the most natural and exciting liberation that you can imagine. Look
forward to death, when the time comes. It is the day you graduate from a
very special school.
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