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									Commercial Gymnastics Summer Camps?
Just What is a Commercial Gymnastics Camp?
There are two types of Commercial gymnastics camps. There are the large
commercial camps that only operate in the summer and are designed to
attract large numbers of gymnasts for huge profits. There are also other
gym programs, ranging from YMCA programs to regular gyms to college
programs, that use this as an additional profit center.
Large Commercial Camps
Charging the highest prices, these camps offer a wide-ranging array of
normal camp activities (even a variety of different types of camps) in
addition to their version of gymnastics training. Coaching quality varies
from college gymnasts to college coaches free for the summer to coaches
who just happened to bring their team along to the camp. The best-known
name coaches at these camps are usually either the camp directors and do
little actual coaching or are merely visiting. It is not uncommon for
name coaches to trade the use of their name in the advertising for the
right to use the camp facilities to train their own gymnasts.
Commercial Camps
Other programs that run their own versions of commercial gymnastics
summer camps do so to boost their summer income, traditionally a down
time in the gymnastics business. They count on drawing customers from
other programs that have less talented coaching and poorer facilities
than they themselves have.
High Quality Coaching?
There are only a handful of gyms in the country that both produce Elite
level gymnasts and run a summer camp program. Coaches at ordinary gyms
are sometimes hesitant to promote these camps to their gymnasts, because
the difference in the level of their programs might become evident and
because their gymnasts were sometimes recruited.
Meet the Stars in the Sport at Camp
Commercial gymnastic camps often have nationally known gymnasts and
coaches visit which can be inspirational and educational. They usually do
not coach in any significant way, but it is fun for young gymnasts to
meet their heroes in the sport.
All the Best Equipment
Large commercial gymnastics camps have all the latest training equipment,
which may or may not be available in your own gym. Those gymnasts who
attend gymnastics facilities that still exist without pits often want to
attend a camp that has them.
Gymnastics Camp Gives Your Gymnast the Summer Camp Experience
The other thing that commercial gymnastic provide is a camp experience
including the social aspects of going to summer camp, meeting new people
and making new friends and participating in traditional camp activities.
If this is your goal, then the large commercial camps fill this need. If
you want a camp that will give your gymnast a kick start in their
gymnastics training, you will need to be much more selective and seek a
gym that has high level coaches that will actually be working with your
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