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									Cheerleading Uniforms
Cheerleading uniforms come in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs,
all worn to proudly represent the school or team they are a part of.
Generally the colors are the same as the school mascot with the exception
of cheerleading competition teams who aren’t affiliated with a school or
sporting team. They select their own colors.
Most cheerleading uniforms have the same basic items. The tops can be
with or without sleeves and in many instances they are very short. The
skorts, a combination of a skirt with two separate leg wholes like a pair
of shorts, is worn as the bottom half of the uniform. In areas where the
temperature changes from one extreme to the other, the cheerleading
uniform may be a short sleeved shirt with a skort one day and then a long
sleeved shirt with matching sweatpants the next. Shoes and socks are also
chosen to match the rest of the uniform. Pompoms and megaphones are often
accessories used with the cheerleader uniform.
The cost of cheerleading uniforms can run several hundred dollars per
individual on the squad. Most schools require the cheerleader to purchase
her own but some of the larger schools with more funding are able to
cover the cost. To help offset the cost of cheerleading uniforms it is
very common for them to hold various types of fundraisers in an effort to
raise money. These fundraisers can be car washes, bake sales, or asking
for donations from area businesses.
With the various moves and routines cheerleaders participate in, they
have to be more than just comfortable and look great. The uniforms have
to be durable and allow the individual the ability to stretch without any
confinement. The shoes used for cheerleading have to be non-slip and they
have to offer a great deal of support for the ankles.
Most small girls love the idea of being a cheerleader. It is one of the
most popular Halloween costumes out there. It can then become an added
item to their dress up box that they can wear over and over again.
Cheerleaders proudly wear their costumes as a representation of their
status among one of the most popular sports around.
Levels for the recognition of having the very best cheerleading squad out
The ultimate Guide To Cheerleading.

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