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Sgraffito Pottery


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									Sgraffito Pottery
Sgraffito Pottery was once considered to be the vessels of kings. From
the Byzantine emperors to the Russian czars, Sgraffito has been the
earthenware for the "blue-bloods" of Europe's finest houses. Sgraffito
Pottery is defined by the intricate designs that have been actually
scratched into the surface of the clay before firing. This sort of
pottery is often made with bold colors and coated with a lighter liquid
clay for contrast. It is at this point that the designs are scratched
into the pottery showing the base color underneath.
This type of earth ware can be traced all the way back to the Sung
Dynasty of China. There is a vase called the "T'zu-Chou vase that dates
to the 11th to 12th century AD. That said Sgraffito can be found in many
of the world's ancient cultures. It became quite popular among the many
courts of Renaissance Italy. It is a style of pottery that is fast
becoming quite collectible and sought after.
There are certainly quite a number of very expensive places online to
purchase this art but it can be difficult to find nice yet affordable
Sgriffito Pottery. A lot of these places were well out of my price range.
But I saw a couple of fine, affordable examples at Plimoth Plantation in
Plymouth MA when we were on vacation on Cape Cod. The Plantation is a
living history museum where costumed interpreters portray actual people
from the founding of the first English colony in New England. In addition
to this wonderful recreation they have an excellent craft center where
you can not only watch modern artisans, potters, furniture makers,
embroiderers and native crafts people, design and create their wares, but
you can buy these fine gifts as well. In addition to the plates I bought
I managed to pick up a pitcher and a couple of cups as well. I want to
pick up a couple more cups as gifts so fortunately the have an online
gift shop.
Stacy Martins is a full time mom and part time avid pottery fan.
If you are looking for more information about where to find Sgraffito
Pottery see my site at:

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