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									Printable Paper Crafts - I'm Sold!
Imagine the convenience of gifts, crafts or decorations you can "whip up"
from home, using little more than your computer, printer and a handful of
paper. Is the meteorologist calling for a rainy day? Are you dreading an
afternoon of children going stir-crazy, wishing they were outside? Or
perhaps you just remembered that it's your best friend's birthday, or the
boss is stopping by for a drink in 45 minutes.
The crafting resources available on the World Wide Web are almost
limitless. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can navigate to printable
paper crafts for just about every occasion. Print out a Father's Day card
and have the kids add the finishing touches. Find thematic place cards or
wineglass markers for your next holiday table. Select a gift box template
to assemble by hand and hold your choice of edible goodies.
While the kids may fight over their turn on the computer, a few minutes
of guided searching using your family's favorite search-engine can turn
up armloads of crafts for kids too. A great place to start is by typing
in the keyword "printables" or the phrase "printable paper crafts" in
your search window. Try narrowing your search with the name of your
child's favorite cartoon or current hobby. Here are just a few of the
creative and fun crafts out there waiting to be discovered online:
*Elaborate origami projects
*Fun hats & masks
*Paper dolls
*Coloring pages
For avid scrap-bookers, there is a wealth of patterned paper that you can
print from home. Tags, fonts, borders, clip art, printable stickers, and
more are also readily available.
For classroom teachers, online templates can be printed in black and
white, making them easy to mass-produce for the classroom. Some sites
also offer reproducible materials with no copyright concerns.
One of the wonderful things about printable paper crafts is that many are
free or can be had for a very reasonable price. Locating crafts on the
web also saves you a trip to the art store, card shop, or teacher's
resource center, thus guarding your valuable time.
With the high quality of printing available to the general public by
today's desk-top printers, your completed paper crafts can look polished
and professional. What's more, even if your first attempt turns out less-
than-perfect, it's easy to print out one more copy and try, try again!
To make the most of your online crafting experience, here are a few tools
you'll want to consider having on hand for that rainy day:
*An ample supply of white computer paper
*A pack of white cardstock for projects requiring a stiffer surface
*Tape & glue
*A small table-top paper cutter
Printable paper crafts are one of the true goodies that the internet has
made possible. In the case of each craft out there, someone else has
already done the hard work of design. Why reinvent the wheel? Take
advantage of the treasure-trove of cards, decorations, toys and more
available at your fingertips.
Robert Grazian is an accomplished niche website developer and author.
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