Looking at Kid Dog Craft Ideas

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					Looking at Kid Dog Craft Ideas
A dog is a mans best friend so it makes sense that we implement them into
other aspects of our lives. For instance there are plenty of decorating
and craft ideas out there for the dog lover. There is also plenty of kid
dog craft ideas out there that will appeal to your little one and
depending on their age you can find all sorts of fun projects.
There are a lot of places that sell these types of crafts so it is pretty
easy to just go out and by a craft kit for your kids to do. There are
also plenty of craft ideas that you can collect from odds and ends just
from around your house that you probably already have available to you.
Maybe think about what you can make out of things that are in your very
own pantry. Some useful food items for instance that can come in handy
when making kid dog craft projects include; marshmallows, gram crackers,
candy (everything from candy corn to red hots will work), pop corn, and
fruit roll ups.
You can use marshmallows for the head and body of your dog, you can also
cut them in half to use as feet. You can use things like shredded black
lickerish for the face and body hair of dogs like Scotties. You can also
get colored icing, this is fun to decorate your dog with things like eyes
and facial expressions for instance. You can also mold a dog shape out of
rice crispy treats or popcorn balls. Then you can add red hots for eye's
and a red lickerish ropes for a scarf. What is fun about making a kid dog
craft out of food is you can eat it when you are finished.
Of course there are plenty of other non edible ideas out there, from foam
to cotton balls. You can find a lot of ideas on the Internet and at your
local craft store as well. You can also find yarn craft ideas and
refrigerator magnet projects. Another cute idea is to have your kid make
a picture frame with glued doggy foam decals or stickers and then they
can put a picture of their furry friend inside when it is done. So it is
a great craft project and a keepsake at the same time. There are plenty
of ideas like this that you can find and they will all be great fun for
you and your child.
Crafts are very important for all ages, kids especially to help support
their growth and learning process. These fun craft ideas are only the
beginning, there are so many other wonderful ideas out there and you can
never run out of projects to do with your kids. Remember not only is this
good for your child's development but doing a craft with your child is a
great bonding experience as well.
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