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Genealogy is the study of our family history and ancestry. It allows us
to learn about origins, know more about our family tree, and to put us in
closer touch with our roots. There are many reasons why you might be
interested in subject:
* There of course professional historians, and some of these will study
genealogical matters just like any other historical subject.
* For many people genealogy is simply interesting hobby. Learning about
your family's past is fascinating in itself, but furthermore the process
of seeking and analyzing genealogical information can also be enjoyable -
rather like trying to solve a complicated detective puzzle.
* The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (often informally known
as the "LDS Church") encourages research into family history. Members of
the church believe that tracing their family history is a religious
obligation, and believe that they will be reunited with family members in
the afterlife.
Whatever the reason for your interest in genealogy, you can find a lot of
help online. This includes:
1. Many web sites that contain searchable information that is of use in
genealogy. Some such web sites contain vast databases collected from
public, military or private records.
2. There is a wide range of genealogical software products available,
including for example programs that help you draw out family trees, and
organize your genealogical information. Some such products can be
downloaded immediately, whereas others can be ordered online but are
delivered by mail (typicalled these are boxed software products on a CD-
3. There are many tutorials about genealogy, as well as sites containing
tips and ideas if you feel that you are stuck at a deadend during your
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