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					Craft Ideas For Easter
Easter crafts can be fun at home or in the classroom. Craft ideas for
Easter can come from household items, and many require minimal
Brown Bag Bunny. Fill a small paper bag with crumpled newspaper. Wrap
another bag over the filled bag in order to cover the open end. Tie
ribbon or yarn in a bow a third of the way up the bags, forming the
bunny's head. Cut two sets of feet and one set of ears out of cardboard.
Glue the feet and ears to the bag and decorate the face. Craft ideas for
Easter could include putting candy or other treats inside the bag before
adding newspaper.
Terra-Cotta Pot Bunny. Paint two small terra-cotta pots while. Glue the
pots together open end to open end. Glue a piece of ribbon or string in
the middle. Cut ears out of pink felt and glue to the top of the pot.
Glue eyes and a puff ball nose to the top pot.
Cardboard Tube Lamb. Cut four holes in the bottom of the cardboard tube
and glue black pipe cleaners into the holes to make the lamb's legs. Glue
white cotton balls all over the cardboard tube. Wad newspaper up and fill
the cardboard tube to give you something to glue on either end. Cut a
square of black felt and glue it around the newspaper at one end, forming
the lamb's face. Glue black pom poms to the back end for the tail. Glue
wiggle eyes to the face. Add a bow below the face for decoration.
Sponge Painted Easter Eggs. A variation on regular craft ideas for Easter
is to decorate eggs in a new or fun way. Soak a household sponge and then
ring it out until it is just damp. Pat the sponge into paint and dab the
sponge onto hard boiled eggs. You can paint in a pattern or randomly.
Allow the eggs to dry in an empty egg carton before adding another color
in order for the colors to not bleed. Mixing the paints can be as much
fun as the actual craft. Mix white paint into primary colors to create
pastel colored paint. You can also dye the eggs in the traditional
fashion and then sponge paint on top of the dyed egg for a different
Easter Egg Heads. Boil Easter eggs as you would before dying or painting.
Decorate the eggs to look like little heads. Add eyes, hair, facial
expressions, and other decorations.
Other craft ideas for Easter include making Easter eggs out of chocolate
or cake and decorating with icing instead of paint. An entire cake can be
cut into the shape of an egg and decorated by kids and adults alike.
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