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									Teaching Abroad With a TESOL Or TEFL Certification
TEFL and TESOL are acronyms for teaching English as a foreign language
and teaching English to speakers of other languages. If you plan to teach
English overseas then getting a TEFL or TESOL Certificate is a prime
Nowadays there is huge demand for TEFL and TESOL certified teachers
around the world owing to vast usage of English as a second language. The
TEFL qualification can get you an English teaching job in non-native
English-speaking countries like China, Japan, Mexico and United Arab
Emirates. The TEFL certification is the easiest way to start a new life
overseas; TEFL is also a great option for travelers looking forward to
earning money on their trips abroad. The TEFL certification is offered
across the Australia in Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney. However if you aim
to teach English to immigrant students in Australia, USA or New Zealand
then you may be required to possess a TESOL certification. TESOL
certification is provided by Australia and USA. Those who have a TESOL
certificate enjoy an edge above the TEFL certified teacher as the former
imparts a better technical knowledge.
Now after going through the reasons as to why you need to acquire the
certifications a major question that comes to the mind is where to does
one get the TEFL or TESOL certifications? As already mentioned the
certifications are offered by Australia and USA but one can also get the
certifications online. Many websites offer resources to find a
comprehensive course to train students for teaching English in non-native
English-speaking countries. The online courses can be completed in one to
six months depending upon the student and the sites also boast placing
its students abroad. Acquiring an online TEFL or TESOL Certification will
be an added value to a person's profile as compared to the non-certified
teacher courses, owing to the reason that certification is becoming the
standard requirement when applying for an esl job. There are a few
websites that offer online certification for $295.00 that have excellent
material quality consisting of 140+ pages, and constant touch with its
certified students working abroad and good classroom modular programs.
There is a general misconception among the students that TESOL and TEFL
certification courses are really tough to master. These two
certifications can be easily achieved by a person who is willing to speak
English and can be confident in delivering their knowledge in front of
thirty eager to learn individuals. As a matter of fact, TEFL requires no
prerequisite and the course itself starts from a basic knowledge of
grammar, and the curriculum is designed so that by the end of the course
the student is comfortable in English speaking and writing. The
certifications of TESOL and TEFL are signed by the IATQUO (International
Association of TESOL Qualifying Organizations) making it accountable
The IATQUO certifies that the course undertaken meets the basic British
criteria of 100+ hours of classroom time and 6+ hours of practical
teaching practice. So if you want to teach English as a foreign language
then becoming certified in TEFL and/or TESOL is a must.
Frank Collins is an traveler and an editor for Exploring Abroad.com

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