Is Google Helping Homeless Children

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					Is Google Helping Homeless Children?
Google Offers a programme entitled Google SEM Grants.

If you don't know what is SEM, I'll give a brief explanation.

SEM stand for Search Engine Marketing (also known as CPC) and is defined
as the practice of buying paid search listings, different from SEO which
seeks to obtain better free search listings.
Google Grants is a unique and free advertising programme designed for
non-profit institutions or funds that have either been endorsed as such
in Australia by the Commissioner of Taxation, or prescribed as charitable
institutions in the Income Tax Assessment Regulations of 1997.
The programme has awarded AdWords advertising to hundreds of qualified
non-profit groups whose missions range from animal welfare to literacy,
from supporting homeless children to promoting HIV education.
Google will ask the entity to provide sample keywords, ad copy and a
brief statement about how the organisation will benefit from
participating in the Google Grants programme.
After you have submitted the application online, the Google Grants
committee (consisting of Google employees) will select award recipients.
It's not easy to get an approval, but once the program starts to run the
participant organization can see a huge increase in donations or
If you know any organization you think would be benefited from this
program, please ask them to contact me and I can help with the
Google grants link
An application is more likely to be successful if the applicant has a
basic understanding of the Google AdWords programme and the Google Grants
Programme Guidelines

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