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Dr. Povow has worked with thousands of patients in the age ranges of only a few hours old to over 98 years young. His understanding, knowledge and experience have resulted in a high percentage rate of success in chronic complaints and healing recent injuries.

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									Holly Springs, NC Chiropractor, Dr. Tom Popow, Recognized As An Authority
On Natural Spinal Pain Relief

Holly Springs, NC 12-October-2010 Holly Springs Chiropractor, Dr. Tom
Popow, has been recognized as an authority on natural spinal pain relief.
In a recent interview, Dr. Popow said, "... The condition of a person's
structure dictates how well his or her body will function and feel."

He further explained, "Education is very important when working to
restore a patient's health." He then cited that in structing patients as
to the importance of a properly functioning nervous system not only
improves the patient's life, but the lives of others.

Dr. Popow has made a career of developing new techniques to address both
the cause and the chronic pain that results from what may seem like a
very minor injury. He begins with an in-depth discussion of the person's
medical history, diet, lifestyle, injuries, and activity level.

He then conducts a physical examination, including x-rays to identify
misalignments of the neck or spine which could be causing the pain. After
analysis of his findings, he works with the patient to develop an
individualized plan of holistic methods to achieve fast recovery.

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