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					Millionaire TV Shows Questions
Millionaire TV shows questions are intriguing for the contestants. This
was the most acclaimed show aired at ABC TV channel on all weekdays at
11.30 am for a spell of 30 minutes. This show was premiered with much
enthusiasm on August 1, 1999. This is live game show with many thousands
were queuing to get selected as a contestant in this grandeur show
fetching handsome amounts. First millionaire in this show happened to be
John Carpenter in November 1999.
This is a very simple live game, based on the most viewed games show in
Britain, with first two questions to screen the contestants to get the
eligibility to participate. If once the contestant is through with the
answers as the first correct replier for these two questions within the
short time allotted, they will be in the hot chair of the millionaire
show. There will be 15 questions, which are asked in the increasing order
of difficulty and if the contestant could do all 15 questions correctly;
he could walk away with the grand prize of $1 million. This is the
magnificent game with questions from any fields of interests, testing the
intelligence, reasoning ability, knowledge base and the sense of mind.
The hard way to success include the first faster finger question, and
followed by 15 exciting, motivating and thought provoking multiple choice
questions. Candidate can opt for lifelines, including ask the audience,
phone a friend and 50:50 in which two wrong answers can be eliminated
from the multiple choice.
Many Millionaire TV show questions have made the viewers excited and the
popularity ran high during that period. Many versions of this TV show
appeared in various channels and such live TV shows are still making some
channels favorite of the viewers.
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