UNIT FACT SHEET
DATE SHEET FILLED OUT: 13 March 2009 District 5                                          page 1 of 2

Unit Name: Station St. Inigoes, MD

Personal Mailing Address: (Your Name)
                          U.S. Coast Guard Station
                          Webster Field and Villa Road
                           P.O. Box 8
                           St. Inigoes, MD 20684-0008

Commercial Phone Number: (301) 872-4344/45 Fax: (301) 872-4060

Web Site: None                        E-Mail: Christopher.N.Sinclair@uscg.mil

Units Missions: Ports and Waterways Coastal Security, Search and Rescue, Maritime Law
                  Enforcement, Marine Environmental Protection
Typical SA/SN Job Assignment: Comms Watchstander, Small Boat Crewmember, Boarding Team
                  Member, Tactical Crewman
Typical FA/FN Job Assignment: Comms Watchstander, Small Boat Engineer, Boarding Team
                                   Member, Tactical Crewman

Inport Watch type and duty rotation for SA/SN FA/FN: Port/Stbd

Special Procedures for reporting after hours: Report to admin and check in with the duty coxswain.

How Much Personal Storage Space: 30cf, Not including UPH Berthing which are approx 100sf, that
member will share.

Uniform normally worn during work day: ODU

Recommended Uniform items in addition to seabag issue: None

Average Temperature: Summer 90F          Winter    30F

Unit Mutual Assistance Representative/Phone:       U.S. Coast Guard Yard
(410) 696-7548                                     Baltimore, MD

Type of continuing education is available within immediate area?
Leonardtown Community College, St Marys College of MD, Florida Institute of Tech.(branch campus
                                      @ Patuxent River NAS

Ratings Present at the Unit: BM, MK, FS, and SK

Name of nearest city and distance: Lexington Park, 8 miles, Washington, DC, 75miles Baltimore,
                                      MD 95 miles
Name of Nearest Military Facility & distance: Patuxent River Naval Air Station (14 miles)
Location of nearest exchange and commissary: Same as above

Unit Name: Station St. Inigoes, MD

Religious denominations in the area: PAX River offers all denominations

Area of Responsibility: Potomac River and extends to the Chesapeake Bay and portions of the
                                    Patuxent River

Uniform to report in: Service Dress Bravo

If sponsor not available, apprentice should ask for: Duty Coxswain, or XPO

                                     Members without Dependents

Is Messing Available: Yes

Quarters and/or barracks available: Yes

Rate of auto insurance for the typical 18/20 year old Single male: ?
(DEPENDS ON THE TYPE VEHICLE)                         Single Female: ?

Is Unaccompanied Personnel Leased Housing Available: Yes, but not right away

Where will a single non-rate more than likely live: UPH Barracks

Should member submit Housing application to Housing Office: No

Where do most people bank: Bank of America or USAA

Is there a credit union in the area: Yes

Is there a mall in the area: In Waldorf approximately 40 miles away.

                                       Members with Dependents

Cost of average two bedroom apartment: 950-1100 without utilities

BHA Rate: $1017.00 without $1340.00 with, same for both E-1- E-4.

Is leased housing available: Yes

Is government owned housing available: Yes

Average wait for Leased Housing: 3-4 months for Gov’t housing, less for off base

Housing Phone Number: Member should contact station XPO

Where do most dependents live: Lexington Park, MD
Rate of auto insurance for typical young family: DEPENDS ON TYPE VEHICLE

Where do most dependents receive medical care: NAS Pax River

Go to school: Local Public Schools

What level of TRICARE IS AVAILABLE In the area: All

Is Delta Dental Available: yes

Is it advisable to bring dependents when first reporting aboard: No, unless leased housing is available
upon arrival

Junior Members Comments:
Maintenance of boats, and station, watch standing duty PWCS Patrols and boarding team member
Call unit for more info and to receive a Welcome Aboard Package upon receipt of orders.

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