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									Disadvantages of Digital Photography

For most consumers in prosperous countries such as the United States, the
advantages of digital cameras outweigh their disadvantages. However, the
professional photography community is split on the issue. Much of the
post-shooting work once done in the past by a photo lab is now done by
the photographer himself. Although there are wide arrays of benefits to
digital photography, there are a few drawbacks or disadvantages of
digital photography are also prevailing and are described here as

Need for Computer literacy, one has to be computer literate in order to
maximise the funcions of his digita camera. Its not that much easy to
store the pictures of camera to computer one must have sound knowledge o f
computers so as to alter the photos so as to provide them demanded
finishing. Technological advancements, there is the possibility in the
future that some digital photo formats like JPEG may become obsolete and
need some replacements. These technological advancements put negative
effect on digital photography.

Artistry is lost, there are some professional photographers who feel that
with the rapid use of digital cameras in digital photography their
artistic quality had been abolished and now noone bother about capturing
the nice original background while taking pictures because one has to
edit it with computer aided programs hence it leads to a loss of some
quality that lies within them. High initial cost, generally digital
cameras are more expensive than ordinary film cameras which put necessary
monetory pressure on photographer's pockets. When we calculate the long
term costs of developing the films these digital photographs found to be
very less expensive, hence we can say that the initial cost is more but
in long run one can find it inexpensive form of photography.

Losing pictures, is another drawback of digital photography. Many peopel
will copy the pictures on their PC and not get them printed or backing
them up. If something happens to their PC then they lose all their
pictures. Bigger images get reflects lower quality, one of the major
problems with digital photography is that as a digital photograph is
enlarged, the quality of the image gets reduced considerably. The frames
got broken and the photograph looses its quality when it get bigger in

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