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									Slow Computer? Fix the Problem!
Fixing a slow computer can be tricky but there are actions you can take
yourself that are likely to fix the problem and by doing them yourself
you will save yourself the cost of getting a technician out to do them
for you.
The single biggest consideration as to whether the below method will work
depends on the age of your computer. If it is too old you will waste your
money trying to resurrect it.
A slow computer is the most common problem with computers. It is often a
combination of things causing it. Computers often go neglected for years
at a time until it gets to the stage where it functions very poorly,
which is when the user cries "Help". This is not necessarily the fault of
the user but usually because the user has not been told what they can do
to maintain it properly.
Most people know they need anti-virus and anti-spyware and that they need
to perform a defrag every so often but that is not the be all and end all
of PC maintenance. Let me just say this too, some anti-virus solutions
don't do the job properly and, to boot, even slow your system down.
Combine these factors/shortcomings and presto you have a computer that is
running very slowly.
In some cases you will need the expertise of a technician to get your
slow computer up and running properly again but if you want to have a go
you can. Unfortunately, either way, to get your computer back into order
you will have to spend some money. Keep in mind that you probably haven't
spent much over the last few years so it all evens out really. It's like
a neglected car that needs a tune up, oil change, new spark plugs and new
1) You need to perform a registry repair with a trusted registry repair
program. There are many out there to choose from that do not do the right
thing by your computer.
2) You need an anti-virus program that does not slow your computer down
but still keeps your computer in good shape.
3) You need to upgrade your RAM (memory).
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