How to Fix a Microsoft Runtime Error by primusboy


									How to Fix a Microsoft Runtime Error
You know the drill. You are trying to work on the computer when
everything comes to a screeching halt and an ominous message flashes
across your screen - "Microsoft runtime error". There are several types
of Microsoft runtime errors, depending on what specifically triggered the
error. In general, a runtime error indicates that the operating system
can not find a file that it needs in order to run correctly.
When you experience this error, you can cancel out of it but you can't
usually continue the operation you were preforming. Worse yet, over time
you can have an increase in these types of error until it gets to the
point that nothing will run properly. Fortunately, there are a couple of
things that you can do to fix a Microsoft runtime error and restore your
computer to its proper condition.
Depending on the error you receive, it may be the result of a Trojan or
virus. Your first step when you notice a new error should be to run your
anti-virus software to make sure that nothing has recently infected your
Traditionally, the advice you receive would be to uninstall and reinstall
the offending software. While this may correct the problem, it can be a
major hassle and mean the loss of program settings and configurations. In
the event that it's a Windows file it's self that is acting up,
reinstalling your operating system is more than just a small headache.
Fortunately, there is a different way to resolve many Microsoft runtime
error related problems. Because some of these errors stem from a corrupt
registry, a registry scan and cleaning can often eliminate the dreaded
Microsoft runtime error without the need for a complete reinstall of any
If you already run a registry cleaner, fire it up and let it scan and
correct the errors that it discovers. If you have not used a registry
cleaner before, relax - they are very easy to use. My favorite registry
cleaner is RegCure and you can download a free version using the link at
the bottom of this article. RegCure will scan for broken file
dependencies and other registry errors and correct them for you
automatically at the click of a button.
Eliminating a runtime error with a registry cleaner software is the easy
way to fix the problem provided that it's not the result of a virus or
malware. Avoid unnecessary software reinstalls by cleaning your registry
of corruptions and errors. As an extra benefit, registry repair software
can be very helpful in increasing the overall performance of your PC.
Download RegCure for free - Click Here. For more information on registry
cleaners, check out the registry repair reviews here.

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