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					Car Insurance Groups
Owning a car of your choice is perhaps the biggest pleasure an earning
man will wish for. It not only gives the comfort of traveling but is also
a matter of prestige is today's day. But maintenance of the car is
equally important. If you don't take proper care of your car, one moment
is enough to turn it into waste. And hence, to protect yourself and your
car from untimely mishaps, car insurance is provided. Basically insurance
companies categorize cars into groups from one to twenty. Generally all
family cars come under the category 6 to 12. But there is no fixed price
associated with any group. But one thing for sure is that as the group
number increases, so does the premium rate. Factors like location and
price of the car as well as the driver's records matter a lot.
The first and the most important step in getting the right car insurance
is collecting information. Make sure that you have at least seven to
eight quotes available with you for comparison. Always remember than it
is only after knocking on several doors will you get the best lunch.
Hence, comparison of companies for insurance is very important. Proper
comparison will help you select the cheapest insurance policy. Also avoid
associating your kids with the policy as it only makes the premium shoot
But car insurance groups are very advantageous from everyone's point of
view. Insurance rates are generally seen to go up in case of lapse of
coverage especially in states where one is required to carry a SR-22,
meaning that suspension of a customer's license due to lack of coverage
is the insurance company's liability. Thus, the insurance company has to
accordingly inform the state regarding the change in coverage. The cost
of the above-mentioned procedure will be borne by the company and the
customer can keep his coverage for a three year period. At the start of
the coverage period, the value of the car is determined. If any damage
happens to the car due to an accident, the insurer has to pay for the
damages without cutting any deductibles.
But insurance and the related costs can be controlled if we want to.
First and the most important thing to lower premium rate is to keep a
clean driving record. Learn to be a safe driver. Ensure that you are
never given a ticket for over-speeding or for breaking traffic rules.
Keep away from alcohol when driving. Drinking and driving is a fatal
Maintain a good credit record. Bad credit records lead to high insurance
rates. This is because bad credit record generally signifies that the
person defaults his payments. This means a greater risk for the insurance
company in giving you insurance.
Thus, finding the cheapest car insurance group is not sufficient. Along
with cheap premium rates, one must also get the maximum coverage. But
there are certain aspects which need to kept in mind when applying for
cheap premium rates as mentioned above.
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