Some Information About the Lynx

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					Some Information About the Lynx
Here are some important facts about the lynx.
1. Lynx is a feline genus that includes four felines: Canadian Lynx,
Eurasian Lynx, Iberian Lynx and Bobcat.
2. Lynx are cats of northern hemisphere and have thus evolved into having
longhair cats, as an adaptation for the cold winters.
3. The Desert Lynx or Caracal is not scientifically included in the Lynx
genus, and resides in Arabia.
4. The word Lynx is derived from the Greek word meaning 'to shine' and is
a reference to the cat's bright eyes.
5. Lynx cats are made distinct by their unique physical appearance -
including short tails, prominent neck ruffs and long tufted ears.
6. Lynx usually reside in forested, mountainous territories and are thus
stalk and ambush predators like most felines.
7. Despite being solitary by nature, some lynx cats (particularly
females) have been observed hunting cooperatively.
8. Eurasian Lynx are the largest species of their genus and are found all
across northern Europe and Asia.
9. Canadian Lynx are the second largest and are seen across Canada and
10. Iberian Lynx are present in Spain and are amongst the most endangered
of all wild cats.
11. Bobcats are the most adaptable member of this genus, and are perhaps
the best mid-sized predators of North America.
12. Historical persecution for fur trade has meant that all the beautiful
lynx cats have suffered heavily at the hands of man everywhere.
13. Today hunting of lynx is illegal in most of their natural habitats
and there are signs of recovery in numbers of some of the lynx species.
The author is a blogger about cats and an expert on lynx facts

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