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									Super Size Your Page Rank
If you're even the slightest bit interested in Internet Marketing or
making money online, then you'll be aware of Google's page rank as a
measure of a website's importance. And, if you're a follower, then you're
probably aware that Google recently did a page rank update, which was
good news for some and not-so-good news for others. Now, I haven't been
creating websites for years (only a few months, as a matter of fact), so
I was more than gratified to see that most of my sites now have a page
rank of 4. The biggest surprise, however, was discovering that a website
of mine that's just five weeks old now has a page rank of 4.
My domain, was officially registered in June 4th,
2006 and I added a bunch of articles to it over the next week. Now, the
home page and most of those initial ten articles (as well as my sitemap)
all have a page rank of 4 (some newer pages, which I added in the week or
so before the page rank update are still PR0).
Now that you've got the background, we'll get into the meat of the
article, and that's how I achieved a page rank of 4 for a brand new
website in just a few short weeks. One very important way of achieving a
good page rank, is to get good quality backlinks to your sites, and
here's where many people falter. They don't know where to get good links,
so engage in reciprocal linking, or join FFA sites or link exchange sites
to get the links they need. However, most of these sites involve
reciprocal linking, and Google's getting wise to reciprocal linking
strategies. For this reason, reciprocal links aren't worth nearly as much
to a site as one way backlinks. So, how do you go about getting enough
one way backlinks to get a good page rank in a fairly short amount of
Step 1. Firstly I have to give credit to my membership in a program
called Article Underground, which I was fortunate to discover back in
late February. I can't give away all the details, suffice to say they
have an excellent system in place for getting one way backlinks to a
site. I should warn you, however, that this service is only for people
creating pure "white hat" content sites, not "black hat" portal or
scraper sites.
Step 2. The next step in my campaign to get backlinks involves submitting
my website to directory sites. This can be a time consuming process, but
I've recently purchased some software called SubmitEaze, which makes the
process a great deal simpler. It still takes time, but it's time
definitely well spent.
Step 3. Basically what I'm doing now, that is, writing articles and
submitting them to article directory sites. In the resource box of each
article you write, you should include a link to your website. That way,
whenever a publisher picks up and uses your article, you'll get an
immediate backlink to your site. Of course, you don't have any control
over where your sites get published, but many people who have used this
strategy have had fantastic results, and now have single articles spread
right across the Internet.
So there you have it! Three simple steps to help increase your page rank.
You'll notice that I didn't pay for any links (although it is a popular
way of getting one way links from high PR sites), and I didn't use any
spamming techniques to do it. Of course, a page rank of 4 is not mind
blowingly high, but for a five week old site, I'm not complaining.
Fiona Shearer-Hann is the owner of several websites, including Ways To
Work From Home and The Complete Life Guide as well as several more over a
diverse series of niches.

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