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									Rank on First Page of Google
As we all know, the biggest challenge in internet marketing is getting
traffic to your website. However difficult it may be, it is a must if you
want to be successful. You could pay for Google AdWords, and pray that
your campaign doesn't get slapped by Google, or you could spend a few
extra minutes every day, and get a better listing with more traffic for
So how did I get my listing on the first page of Google?
I am going to show you in 5 simple steps.
Ok, here it goes:
Step 1
Create a blog - 10 minutes unless you already have a blog or website.
Setting up a blog is very easy. Go to Blogger, register for a free
Blogger account, choose a name for your blog (being very careful to give
a name that applies to what you will be writing articles about), write
your first post to introduce the blog, and then move on to step 2.
Step 2
Write an article or press release - 10-30 minutes depending on the
length. Be careful not to "sell" anything in your article. You should be
giving advice, reviewing a product, or something of that nature. Make
sure you place a link to your blog at the end of the article in the bio
Step 3
Create a Title for your article and make sure that it is a popular phrase
- one that will be searched for. You can use the free keyword tools for
this. You want to search for your phrase using quotes ("), and look at
the results number at the top right of the search results -- if the
results are under 5000, and there are people paying for ads using that
search term (look for the sponsored listings on the right hand side),
then chances are you have found a winner. Use that for the name of your
article. Always write your article and save it to your computer, as you
will want to submit it to more than one article directory. Copy/paste
your article in to 4 or 5 free article submission sites, and then copy
and paste it to your blog using the same title as the "Blog Post Title".
If you prefer to just link from your blog to the article, you can do that
as well, but the idea is not just posting to article directories, it is
adding "important" content to your blog. Once you have completed this
step, move on to step 4.
Step 4
Many of the article submission sites allow you to use the "Add This"
feature, which allows you to submit your article link to Social
Networking Sites. Many online marketers are realizing the importance of
doing this, so I would not skip this step.
Step 5
Search for your title in 24 hours and find it on the first page of
Folks, it does not get any better than this. Imagine having 10-20
articles listed per month. Do you know how much traffic that would
create? And to think that if you write good content, your articles could
show up for months or years to come!
The great thing about this is that even if you have never written an
article in your life, once you write one, and it gets listed by Google,
you will be hooked. And don't forget, you are getting all of this
accomplished absolutely free.
Forget about all of the SEO, and maintaining a website. Choose your title
wisely, and you will be successful.
For more information on getting your page listed on Google by writing
articles, visit GetListedOnGoogle

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