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Difference Between Yahoo and Google


									Difference Between Yahoo and Google!
Search engine optimization techniques for Google and Yahoo are quite
different. Many websites rank well in one search engine but not the
other. This is the direct result of each searching engine going through
its own unique ranking algorithm. For example, the Google algorithm
predominantly price the anchor text of in-bound links. Yahoo places more
emphasis on keyword density and meta tags.
The main reason for the difference in ranking algorithms is that Google
owns the patent on Page Rank (PR), named after Google's founder Larry
Page. As a result of having this patent, other search engines need to
place more emphasis on different optimization factors in conjunction with
website URL, keyword density and so on.
What are the greatest differences in search engine algorithms?
Google places a severe amount of emphasis on inbound links to your
website. The value of these inbound links are measured based on this
Google PR. The a good amount of links you receive from exorbitant Google
PR web pages, the better your search result placements is able to be for
a given keyword or search term.
Yahoo property emphasis on website URLs, meta tags, and keyword density.
These factors can be analyzed on any website with a limited amount of
effort, letting Yahoo to quickly and clearly rank websites properly.
How you can optimize your website for both Google and Yahoo!
The challenge all website owners face is taking the multiple of their
optimization efforts. When thinking about search engine engine
optimization, you fancy to make up all the bases. To do so, pay specific
attention to the coming up guidelines.
Keyword Targeted URL. If your website URL doesn't contain your keywords,
consider buying a new one or generating a new page off of your root
directory (ex: Having your
keywords in the URL helps improve both your Yahoo and Google search
results. Yahoo weighs the website address as an important ranking factor.
Google values a keyword rich URL when third party websites place a link
to your site using nothing but a web address.
Meta Tags. Although not as critical as properties once were, Yahoo still
uses meta tags to assistance align search engine rankings and appropriate
website pages. Make sure that your meta tags are complete and include
your keyword idioms in the title, description, and keyword tags.
Keyword Density Between 6 - 8%. Although much has been written close to
the importance of keyword density remaining between 2 - 3%, Yahoo looks
for sites with keyword densities as insane as 8%. Don't be afraid to key
in your keywords every where in your webpage content. Make sure however,
that your keyword density is not more than 8%.
Link Building. This is the most important factor for gaining Google
search result placements. Develop a link building campaign and give other
sites a reason to link to your site. This may list cost free downloads,
tools, or other valuable resources.
Site Map. Publish a sitemap. This causes it easy for search engines to
spider your website and entrance all of your most substantial web pages.
Site maps should be to be had from your home page and kept up-to-date.
Optimizing for both Google and Yahoo can be challenging. Following basic
seo principles and working to develop incoming links can allow you get in
touch with the top of the largest search engines. Apply these techniques
regularly to see the greatest results.
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