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									Going, Going, Gone - Flights Being Auctioned Off
The big news in the holiday's market at the moment is that due to rising
fuel costs and other charges, our ten year or so grace period of cheap
flights going here there and everywhere is coming to a sad end.
Many new flight companies started over the past few years all competing
against one another for the cheapest flights and holidays on offer,
companies like EasyJet and RyanAir have managed to capitalise on this
trend and have seen millions of pounds worth of business in recent years.
The trouble is, with all the fuel prices rising and holidaymakers simply
not being able to afford to travel as much with other aspects of home
life costing more, many flights companies have gone under, unable to cope
with the rising costs of the industry. Industry heavyweights like RyanAir
have admitted that business is slowing and should they have been a
smaller business then they surely would have struggled to stay out of the
red themselves.
One possible solution for one flights company is to auction off their
flights. The company JetBlue Airways Corp is offering over 300 roundtrip
flights in the USA as well as four "mystery vacation" packages as a part
of the auction spree. The bidding starts at 5 or 10 cents and is expected
to be a big hit with holiday makers.
Many marketing executives have commented how it's a great way to get some
"word of mouth" publicity for the budget airline. The locations on offer
range from the Bahamas and Las Vegas and the taxes and fees are to be
added on to the total unfortunately but it is expected that frugal
holiday makers can bag one of these flight deals for ninety five percent
of the original price so there are plenty of bargains to be had, all you
need to do is make sure you have a PayPal account ready.
If you are interested in cheap flights to your dream destination then now
is the perfect time. There are some cheap flights available depending on
where you look so when looking for flights make sure you shop around.

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