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									Tauranga City, Growth and Building
Are you interested in moving to Tauranga? Perhaps you're planning to
build a new house, and are looking for a Tauranga builder. Here's some
info about Tauranga city and the building industry.
About Tauranga City
Tauranga is a vibrant city, in New Zealand's Bay of Plenty region. It's
situated on the beautiful east coast, with big surf and white sand
The name Tauranga means a sheltered anchorage, which is a very applicable
name. The city is built around a large harbour (one of the largest in the
country). The harbour is protected by the long Matakana Island, which
shelters the inland waters from the Pacific Ocean. Different arms of the
city extend along the beaches, and beside various estuaries. The suburbs
include Bethlehem, Otumoetai, Matua, Ohauiti, Greeton, Welcome Bay, and
the beach suburbs of Mount Maunganui, Omanu, and Papamoa.
Mount Maunganui is the iconic mountain at the tip of the beach peninsula,
formed by volcanic activity. The coastline really is postcard perfect,
and it extends for miles south of the Mount. The temperate climate makes
Tauranga a great place to spend summer.
The port of Tauranga is one of the nation's busiest ports. The
surrounding land is well knows for its kiwifruit and avocados.
Building and Growth
Tauranga is one of the fastest growing cities in New Zealand. It's 2007
estimated population was 114,500. Many people come to Tauranga seeking
the sun and the surf. It's also a popular retirement spot.
With the fast growth of the city, there's obviously lot's of new homes
being built. Tauranga has lots of new subdivisions. Papamoa, an area
right beside the beach, is expected to be a city in its own right by the
year 2020.
Now is a great time to build in Tauranga, with new subdivisions being
developed around harbour and semi-rural areas. The infrastructure is
growing to meet the ever increasing demands. Road funding in the region
has had many millions of dollars poured into it in recent years.
Tauranga has many building companies and contractors. (A quick Google
search for Tauranga Builder will put you in touch with many of them.) In
New Zealand it's normal to hire a builder, who manages the project and
hires subcontractors for various aspects of building.
If you'd like more info about building in Tauranga have a look at
Tauranga Builder.

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