Green Building Projects Awards

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					Green Building Projects Awards
The first measurement for the "Top 10 Green Projects Awards" is based on
Sustainable Design Intent and Innovation. Here the jury looked at the
concept and innovative programming opportunities within the project. The
key issues l covered how and why certain environmental issues became
important priorities. Other topics included how goals and concepts were
expressed in the design and how sustainability measures lead to a better
overall project designs.
The second measure is the Regional/Community Design and Connectivity.
Here, sustainable design "values the unique cultural and natural
character of a given region". They measure this by focusing on
transportation policies, regional and community connectivity and how the
design relates to local context.
Land Use and Site Ecology is the third measure. Here the jury look at the
watershed, air, and water quality in the context of ecological design.
They explore the project in terms of benefits for the ecosystems and
wildlife habitat in the presence of human development.
The Bioclimatic Design measures the project were its conservation leans
towards resources of regional climate conditions. This is measured
through the site and climatic analysis, and strategies used that reduce
or eliminate the need for non-renewable energy resources.
The first award for Green Projects was presented to the Yale Sculpture
Building and Gallery. The project is on a former brownfield site, and has
included various transportation options with bicycle stalls, and five bus
line stops.
As part of their design they have installed waterless urinals, dual-flush
toilet and collecting rainwater from the roof as part of their grey water
solution. For energy, they designed the structure to include as many
south facing windows to provide daylight without glare in the summer.
Here in South Africa, Green Building Media and Conferences, with
Schneider Electric and the University of Johannesburg, launched their
Green Building Award competition in the retrofitting area. They will be
recognising excellence in relation to retrofitting of buildings for
energy efficiency.
The first Green Building Award was announced during the Retrofitting
Seminar, held earlier this year in three cities in South Africa. More
information regarding the award will be displayed on the Green Building
Celeste is the editor for Green Building Media which is an information
portal for all professionals in the Built Enviroment, focusing on the
issues around sustainable living They have a monthly e-Journal that is
edited by Llewellyn van Wyk, the head of the CSIR. Green Building Media
also hosts th Green Building Conference of South Africa, and has expanded
thier portfolio of events to include the Retrofitting Seminar, which
launched this year.