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How to Increase Your Adsense Revenue


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									How to Increase Your Adsense Revenue.

Here is some useful information about How to Increase your Adsense Revenue.

1) If you are concentrating on adsense revenue, do not try to start build a website, rather, you
can contribute your contents in Adsense Revenue sharing sites and can get your adsense
revenue. Because if you build a website , it will take atleast one year or more hard work and
  good knowledge on Search Engine Optimization to drive traffic to your site. You can get your
Adsense income through your site only after you drive some substantial traffic to your site which
in turn gives you good page ranking.

2) Nowadays there are many sites which claims them as "Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites" but
many sites are not so, they work under the principle "Ad Rotation" in which ads from your
account and ads from the website owner's account will be displayed in some proportion. These
are not genuine Adsense Revenue sharing sites. The sites which allows you to create new
adsense accounts through them are the genuine revenue sharing sites. As far as I know there
are very few genuine Adsense revenue sharing sites in the world. Some sites which I know are ,, shared 100%
revenue. But it make new site, also hard

3) Posting contents in any Adsense Revenue sharing sites will not leads you to success in your
adsense journey. You must be very careful while selecting in which site you can contribute. Site
should have good Search engine and Alexa ranking. It should have Implemented Search
Engine Optimization in an efficient manner in the site. has high search
engine ranking and SEO implemented effectively. Contributing contents in these sites will
increase your earnings.

4) While Posting contents, your post should be very targeted for a specific keyword, so that
your article will drive more targeted visitors and your CPC and CTR will increase by this.

5) Writing contents on current hot topics will drive you more traffic and usually CPC will be very
high for such current hot keywords.

6) After deciding the keyword on which you are going to write your article you can search for
related articles and you can read them to get some clear idea. After that you can write a good
Informative article on that keyword. Try to use the keyword many times in your post, but they
must give some sense. Search Engine crawlers are smart enough to trace such contents who
use keywords often for optimization. So your usage must be very natural.

7) Do not use chat codes in your postings as it gives negative impact in your page rank.
Provide detailed title and all possible keywords which match your article in the "Tags" column so
that search engines can easily find your articles.

8) If you need to drive more traffic, try to get back links from other high traffic blogs and
websites in your same Niche in which you wrote your article. Do not try to spam other blogs or
websites when trying to get back links.

9) Bookmark your articles in all Social bookmarking sites. You can use to
bookmark your article to many social bookmarking sites in just a single click. Usage of this tool
is completely free.

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