How To Make Rice Paper Window Shades

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					How To Make Rice Paper Window Shades
Rice paper shades are popular due to the unique lighting effect they
provide. They offer privacy while allowing diffused light to enter the
room. Rice paper shades are organic and functional. Although the paper
looks delicate it is quite strong and can be used for years together.
Rice paper shades can also be made at home. The construction of rice
paper shades is a popular project with do-it-yourself enthusiasts.
For this you will require a piece of rice paper which is enough to cover
your window. A simple window shade using rice paper can be made by
cutting the paper to right dimensions, stringing the paper on a wire and
attaching it to the window frame. This kind of a window covering will let
in light but block out views. Lovely rice paper varieties that have
glitter leaves and decorative threads pressed into the paper impart an
ethereal look to your window. Light passing through rice paper window
shades with enmeshed designs gives your windows an elegant and classy
If you plan to use pleats, give enough allowance for pleat width and
numbers. In case the rice paper is not wide enough for your window,
strips of contrasting paper can be used to fill in the width. Decorative
cording is also needed for operating this kind of a shade.
In addition, implements and accessories like dowels, grommets, hammers,
glue, S-hooks and eyehooks are also required. Roller shade hardware is
also necessary for operation of the shade.
Once the required width and length of the shade is ready, pleats if any
should be folded into place. Then grommet holes for running the cord
should be punched in at regular intervals. The cord should then be run
through the holes with knots at the bottom of each hole to keep the slat
or pleat in place. The top and bottom of the shade can be secured with
the help of dowels. The top dowel should be secured to the window frame.
Your rice paper shade is ready for use.
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