Decorating the Spare Room - Making Room For Baby

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					Decorating the Spare Room - Making Room For Baby
If your family is becoming bigger and your home seems to be getting
smaller. You need to figure out how you can make do with the space that
you have. Not everyone can afford to purchase a bigger home every time
they have a new edition to their family. It's expensive to upgrade and
some people are very satisfied with their current home and never wish to
leave. So what do you do to make your home accommodate for a larger
family? The good news is that there are several little spaces that you
can turn around to be very useful. No matter how old your home is you can
personalize every single space.
A bedroom for baby
Most bedrooms have closets in it, with the master bedroom having a walk
in closet. If you have the extra space you will usually find something to
put in it so now you need to reconsider using the extra space, even if it
is only a square foot.
Most parents choose to put their newborn babies in their bedroom with
them at first so they can keep their eyes on them and hear them when they
wake up. If your bedroom has a walk in closet, consider turning the walk
in closet into a nursery. You can make some of the following changes:
- Take the door off and hang a curtain up. There are several reasons why
you don't want to leave the door on.
- use the end of the closet to section off and build a wall to turn into
a small closet so you don't need to sacrifice your closet all together
- To make the room brighter you need to add more light that will not
shine directly in your newborns eyes but it will allow you to see
everything you need to see.
- Use the corners to install cubby holes for miscellaneous baby things.
Later on you can use the cubby holes for easy to reach toys and more
- Be sure to remove all shelves from the closet
- Put up some new paneling or wall covering of your choice in order to
hide the places that the shelves were attached to the wall
The first thought of having a nursery in a closet may not sound too
appealing but after you see the final result you will be glad that you
did it. The thought soon leaves your mind when you see your nursery all
ready for the new one. A standard walk in closet should allow enough room
for the crib, dresser and changing table. You may need to be creative
when it comes to the other stuff in your nursery like bath supplies,
stroller, carriers and more. This may need to be stored in another part
of the house so you can focus on the basic needs of the baby in the
At first, when the new addition arrives, you will appreciate having your
baby so close and still separated enough for privacy. Babies need to feel
secure and safe, even if they are not aware of their surroundings they
still need to feel the safety and security that only parents can instill.
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