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									Public Health
The Administration is a very important part of the Public Health Program.
A public health program is something that is administered to benefit the
public. Some health programs are long lasting, like immunization
programs. Other programs may be short termed, such as a smoking cessation
program offered periodically. These programs are all focused on helping
the public get healthy and stay healthy.
The administration of a public health program is usually done by the
Department of Health. Each State has a main Health Department and then
each county has a department of its own. The Department of Health ranges
from the national level to the county level, but they whole system works
together to provide a comprehensive public health program.
The administration of a public health program can begin anywhere along
the line. Usually each county implements programs needed in their area.
Sometimes, though, as in the case of an epidemic or demanding health
issue, the program will be implemented at the national level.
The administration of public health programs is essential to ensuring
Americans do not fall prey to avoidable illnesses. They work to stop
epidemics and keep the public informed of new findings in the medical
field. Without such programs people may end up with terribly illnesses
and diseases that are easily preventable.
Public health programs focus on things people need to know that they may
not learn about elsewhere or that they must know. Programs can be
administered in many different ways. They can be taught in school,
provided through literature or even made a public announcement, like in
the newspaper.
Believing in good balanced diet, taking vitamins and minerals. Daily
exercise, yoga, stretching, breathing exercises, drinking enough water,
meditation, relaxation, positive thinking, and trying to be happy.

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