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									Health and Numerology - Problems to Guard Against for Your Life Path
Your health is your most precious commodity. If you new you had a
predisposition to certain health problems, wouldn't you take steps to
guard your good health? Numerology can predict certain health problems
that you may encounter.
People with a particular Life Path tend to have tendencies for certain
kinds of health problems. By calculating your Life Path number, you can
learn these potential problems and be on guard for them. And as in many
things in Life, forewarned is forearmed.
Life Path Calculation
Your Life Path is your primary number in Numerology. It's equivalent to
your Sun sign in Astrology. You calculate your Life Path by adding
together all the digits of your full date of birth, and then repeating
the process until you get a single digit. This process is called fadic
For example, actor Johnny Deep was born on June 9th, 1963, so his Life
Path is a (7) as shown below.
06-09-1963 = (0 + 6 + 0 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 3) = (34) = (3 + 4) = (7)
Life Path (1) - Leaders
People with this life path are so driven and ambitious that they tend to
ignore their physical health. Stress can be a major problem for them.
They need to incorporate physical exercise into their lives as a coping
mechanism to deal with high stress levels.
Life Path (2) - Cooperators
People with this life path tend to be great worriers. They need to guard
against anxiety and the physical symptoms that come with it. Meditation
is the ideal natural coping mechanism for these people. Medication may be
necessary in extreme cases.
Life Path (3) - Entertainers
People with this life path tend to be generally healthy due to their
sunny outlook on life. They need to guard against over indulgence in
life's pleasures. If they party too much, they don't get enough rest and
tire easily. Some self discipline on managing their time is in order.
Life Path (4) - Builders
People with this life path tend to work too hard and have a tendency to
have problems sleeping. They need to learn to pace themselves and put
their work aside at a reasonable hour. A caring spouse or friend can
provide a needed reminder now and then to quit working and relax more.
Life Path (5) - Sellers
People with this life path tend to be easily annoyed by distractions or
frustrating situations. They must learn to remain calm and avoid becoming
angry or over-stressed. Learning anger management techniques, and turning
to things that make them laugh are highly recommended.
Life Path (6) - Teachers
People with this life path tend to be more concerned for others than
themselves. They frequently forget the basics of a healthy lifestyle when
it comes to their own needs. Reminders from friends and family about the
importance of taking care of themselves is useful.
Life Path (7) - Loners
People with this life path tend to live in tune with their bodies, and
have few health problems. They have a strong intuition about what they
need in terms of diet and exercise to keep themselves in top condition.
Life Path (8) - Warriors
People with this life path tend to be very strong and have great stamina;
however the rigors of their combative nature can cause them to over-exert
themselves in times of stress at work or play. They need to maintain a
well balanced diet to keep their stores of energy up.
Life Path (9) - Humanitarian
People with this life path are very unselfish and tend to neglect their
own welfare when those around them need their care. They need to remember
to stay well and care for themselves so that they will always be there
for others.
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