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Rituals Of Native American Jewelry


									Rituals Of Native American Jewelry
The rituals of Native American jewelry has played a big role in past and
present Native American beliefs and is the symbol for nature in tribal
ceremonies, and represents individual status in Indian culture.
Natural materials were used in their jewelry making, including feathers
along with minerals and gem stones, such as turquoise and silver.
For thousands of years, turquoise has been treasured both for its natural
beauty as well as its presumed power to heal. Turquoise is a sacred stone
that has been used for centuries to adorn ritual objects and is still
considered a cherished possession by Native American Indians of the
Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, Pueblo and other indian nations. History even dates
back as early as to Ancient Egypt, as exquisite turquoise adornments have
been uncovered in tombs. These natural materials were a reminder of the
Earth around them.
Religious jewelry has played a significant role in Native American
culture. During healing ceremonies and tribal rituals, the indian people
would take care and pride in wearing only specific types of religious
native jewelry that were the right colors, materials, and representing
the proper symbol for that ritual event. Native American history tells us
that the jewelry worn by the native people is representative of the
different stages of life an individual has risen to. In many Native
American tribes the young people are brought into adulthood when they
acquire the spiritual totem consisting of shells, beads, or other symbols
of nature.
Native American religious jewelry was often given to women after there
first menstrual cycle as achieving womanhood and to newly united couples
for health, happiness and fruitful forth comings along the path of family
Because our culture today uses jewelry mostly for decorative purposes we
often forget the roots of jewelry and how, to some cultures, it can have
a deeper spiritual meaning. Recognizing the importance of this religious
jewelry in other cultures allows us to see the greater symbolic uses that
jewelry can be used for.
Today. our society and culture adorns the Native American jewelry for
it's elegance and fashion and most people are not aware of the religious,
ritual and ceremonial values of this jewelry. By recognizing and
understanding the values set on Native American indian jewelry we can
learn to admire the symbolic beauty of this Native American culture.
The author Chet Holcomb of Native American Indian Jewelry has done
extensive research into American Indian culture concerning the history
and rituals of Native American Jewelry that is so elegant and treasured
by so many.

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