Natural Mosquito Repellent - Keeping Bugs Off Naturally

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					Natural Mosquito Repellent - Keeping Bugs Off Naturally
One of the exciting trends in the early twenty-first century is our move
away from synthetic products and back toward natural remedies such as
natural mosquito repellent. In an era where many of the products we buy
are highly processed, synthetic, and even harmful to their users, the
rising awareness of natural products is a trend toward safer, healthier,
and more natural products and commerce. One great place to start when you
are looking to buy green is with a simple yet valuable switch to natural
mosquito repellent.
While mosquitoes are a part of many ecosystems, it is understandable to
want to avoid them as much as possible. These pesky insects can turn a
camping trip into an uncomfortable and itchy disturbance in a matter of
just minutes. Having mosquito repellent to keep them at bay makes a big
difference in terms of both comfort and in terms of health and safety.
Because mosquitoes are often carriers of West Nile virus, there is an
added incentive to avoid them by whatever means necessary. Without
mosquito bites, one is not only more comfortable, but also safer and less
at risk of contracting this or other diseases.
However, it is important to take the health risks of mosquito repellents
in mind too, not just the health risks of mosquito bites. Repellents
often come with strong and harsh chemicals that can actually harm those
who use it. When parents buy mosquito repellents for their children, they
know that the more natural products are far more safer for kids to use
than the harsh ones.
Mosquito Repellent: Going Natural
When natural mosquito repellent works just as well as synthetic
repellent, it is a clear choice for families and eco-conscious consumers
alike. Natural mosquito repellents rely on substances found in nature to
interact with nature to keep mosquitoes away. This makes them an obvious
choice for an earth friendly approach to not-so-people-friendly bugs like
Making a conscious effort to support such a product has grea t benefits,
both directly to your kids and yourself, and also to the environment as a
whole. 'Green' bug spray is an excellent way to keep harmful chemicals
away from the earth and also away from your family.
By using natural mosquito repellent, you are making a choice as a
consumer, a parent, and a global citizen to support a product that is
safe, non-toxic and effective to both yourself and your family, and even
to those pesky mosquitoes you are trying to avoid.
Don't let the toxicity of mosquito sprays make you leave yourself and
your kids unprotected. Use a natural mosquito repellent, and you can
protect your entire family without the worries of harmful sprays.