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Exotic and Rare Pets - Wonderful World of Nature by primusboy


									Exotic and Rare Pets - Wonderful World of Nature
Pets whether exotic and rare, or the common and domesticated ones you get
to see every now and then are second companions to man.
When you get to consider the affinity man (both sexes implied) has always
displayed with regards to Pets in general, you can not help it at all but
wonder in amazement how this world and human civilization would have been
without them.
Pets are an integral part of man's day to day living from prehistoric
times to the present day.
Everybody loves pets (in the sense that it implies both the young and the
old, boys and girls, men and women, civilians, military, para-military,
high and low, the rich and the pauper, etc).
It is then not surprising to discover that pets abound all around- in the
slums and the ghettos, in boulevards and palaces, state houses, circuses,
zoos, sporting arena, villages and rural areas, cities and urban centers
the world over.
As a starter, a list of pets considered to be exotic and rare is
presented below.
While some Pets may be regarded as both exotic and rare, some others
included in this list might only be exotic and not rare while some others
may be considered rare and not exotic.
EXOTIC AND RARE PETS (a list featuring a mixture of birds and animals):
1. Tigers
2. Cheetahs
3. Cougar
4. Lion
5. Zebra
6. Peacock
7. Giraffe
8. Octopus
9. Orangutan
10. Crocodile
11. Turtle
12. Snake
13. Owl
14. Hyena
15. Antelope
16. Bear
17. Leopard
18. Eagle
19. Ostrich
20. Dolphin
21. Iguana
22. Rhinoceros
23. Bull
24. Elephant
25. Cameleon
26. Parrots
27. Camel
to mention just a few.
Majority of these pets are normally kept in Zoos and/or Game reserves
while some others have found their way into private parks, royal palaces/
Circuses the world over feature quite a lot of these pets showcasing them
performing great feats to the wonder and admiration of circus enthusiasts
comprising of men and women, children, the young and the aged (the ever
young at heart).
There is much to learn and enjoy with regards to Pets (birds and animals)
considered exotic and rare seeing many are only found in the wild.
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