Enjoy Houseboat Cruise to Explore Breathtaking Backwaters of Kerala

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					Enjoy Houseboat Cruise to Explore Breathtaking Backwaters of Kerala
Imagine a luxurious houseboat floating over tranquil water with splendid
nature beauty. You are in the houseboat. You see palm coconut trees, rice
fields, and villages and several people indulge in their daily life.
Chirping birds flying over your houseboat cruise enchants you with their
sweet songs. At night you feel all around serenity and peaces. And of
course whisper of water waves removes your loneliness and enchants you as
if it wanted to say something to you. If this is your idea of your
holiday then breathtaking backwaters of Kerala is just for you. This is
the hidden paradise in the Indian state of Kerala - also fondly known as
the God's Own Country. Backwaters of Kerala are a large network of
lagoons, lakes, channels, rivers, inlets, etc lying parallel to the
Arabian Sea Coast - also known as the Malabar Coast.
Nature has blessed Kerala backwaters uniquely as if it had poured all its
blessing here. Backwaters here are rich in flora and fauna. When you will
be on your backwater tours in Kerala you will have wonderful opportunity
to see the unique ecosystem here. You will have opportunity to see
several unique species of aquatic life (crabs, mudskippers, frogs, etc),
water birds (kingfishers, cormorants, darters, etc) and animals
(tortoises, turtles, otters, etc) living in and alongside the backwaters.
You will also have opportunity to see some of exotic fauna alongside the
backwaters, such as; palm coconut trees, bushes and several leafy plants.
Exotic fauna found alongside the backwaters provide green hue to the
surrounding landscapes that is eye-catching.
People from all over the world embark on Kerala backwater tours and enjoy
splendid beauty of nature by close. Backwaters here are really a great
treat for nature lovers. Due to exceptional nature beauty, serene
atmosphere, and amazing sightseeing options, backwaters here are also
very popular among honeymoon couples. Honeymoon couples from all around
the world visit Kerala to enjoy its backwater charm. Backwaters here
provide serene and romantic ambiance for honeymoon couples. The ambiance
here at backwater destinations of Kerala is perfect for honeymoon
holidays. There are several backwater destinations in this beautiful
Indian state of Kerala. Alleppey, Fort Kochi, Kumarakom, Kuttanad,
Kollam, Kasargod, Kottayam, Vembanad Kayal, etc are some of popular
backwater destinations of the state. Enjoying houseboat tours in kerala
is really a great experience of lifetime.
Kerala backwaters can be explored in best manner by a houseboat cruise or
rice boat trip. One cannot think backwaters here without enjoying
houseboat cruise here. The houseboats here are very popular among
tourists from all over the world as tourism product. Houseboats are the
prominent attractions of backwater tours in Kerala. Houseboats are luxury
packed and outfitted with modern amenities having air-conditioned
bedrooms, modern kitchen, and dining space. A house boat cruise over
serene and scenic backwaters takes you into the world of water,
wonderment and splendid nature. It also takes to the periphery of
wildlife and bird sanctuaries like Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and
Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary.
There are several backwater destinations like Alleppey and Kumarakom are
dotted with several houseboat cruise operators. Kumarakom houseboat and
Alleppey houseboat tours are very popular among honeymoon couples as well
as tourists. There are approximately 1000 house boats operating in this
beautiful state of Kerala. Several agencies and tour operators offer
kerala houseboat packages. Well, get ready to enjoy never-ending charm of
Kerala houseboat tours over the breathtaking backwaters.
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