Enchanting Shimla by primusboy


									Enchanting Shimla
Shimla, the state capital of Himachal Pradesh, is a well-known hill
station of India. The former summer capital of the British, Shimla--
popularly called the Switzerland of India--is a haven for the lovers of
nature. Tourists throng the place in large numbers round the year to
revel in its unmatched beauty and unparalleled serenity. The best thing
about the place is that despite being literally inundated by the tourists
and pleasure seekers from across the world it has managed to retain much
of its beauty, grandeur, not to mention old world charm.
Watching the mesmerizing sunsets and beautiful sunrises at Shimla turns
out to be the experience of a life time. When the sun turns into a red
ball of fire and sinks behind the distant hills, or when it emerges
gradually bathing everything in its luminous light one feels one with the
Maybe, there is no other place or hill station in India that's more
popular than Shimla when it comes to enjoying the honeymooners'
confidence. It's a common sight to come across the many honeymooners
enjoying each other's company in the cool and serene environs of the
place. There's something in Shimla that raises passion and makes the
couples seek and express love in gay abandon.
But, Shimla is a favourite spot for the corporate and business leaders
too as they, in the peaceful and divine environs of the place, find the
right inspirations and the perfect solutions to their many business
related problems which go a long way towards perking-up their businesses
and bringing in profits.

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