Bed and Breakfast Vs Hotel in Delhi

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					Bed and Breakfast Vs Hotel in Delhi, India
A wonderful destination but a bad stay does not make your holiday
memorable. Bitter experiences with your hotel stay tend to kill the
adventurous feeling in you and you may not even think of visiting places
in future. It is therefore mandatory that you research well and make your
lodging arrangements perfect. It is a known fact that a good night's
sleep escalates the enthusiasm for the next day!
Staying in a hotel has become very common. There is no longer any
excitement attached to it, except for the high bills! If you want to feel
the warmth and experience a homely feeling as well as have an exotic and
out of the world holiday experience, you should aim at bed and breakfast
type of accommodation. Bed and Breakfast, or B&B as is commonly referred
to, is a concept that originated in the UK and moved on to other
countries. True to the word, it literally means only bed and breakfast
and no other meal offered. These are actually rooms let out by private
owners for tourists, who can have a comfortable stay.
India is known for its rich culture and heritage and beautifully
decorated homes. The Bed and Breakfast concept has recently been promoted
by the Delhi government and the trend is catching on. When you travel to
Delhi, make sure you book your accommodation at a B&B inn. Contrary to
the hotel stay, B&B inns are enjoyable as you get to mingle with the host
family. You get a peek into their culture and traditions, and at times
get a feel of the daily lifestyle.
In a hotel set up, you are confined to one single room. Yes, you can move
around the lobby, no doubt, but that is very different from being in the
same house. At B&B, you have the liberty to explore the entire house, its
architecture, the tastefully decorated interiors, and enjoy the pleasant
atmosphere prevalent in the house. Delhi displays a unique combination of
culture and tradition and its richness reflects in the ambiance of the
You have nothing to worry, for you are in safe hands of the family. Right
from the airport pickups to travel arrangements in and around the city,
the personal care and attention provided by the B&B hosts leaves you with
a memorable experience and keeps you wanting for more!
As mentioned above, the concept of B&B is to provide bed accommodation
and only one meal, that is, breakfast. However, for some reasons, if you
prefer to have dinner at home, all you need to do is to book your meal in
advance. All these privileges for a reasonable amount of money!
If you have any qualms about going in for a B&B accommodation, be assured
that you are in store for a lifetime experience. These accommodations are
usually affixed with modern amenities and air-conditioned rooms, private
attached bathrooms with western toilets, single or twin beds in the
bedroom. And most of all, where else will you get to enjoy home-cooked
food, while on a travel spree? Hygienically prepared and customized to
suit your taste buds, the food served at B&B establishments is a treat to
enjoy! You can even watch the food being prepared; learn about the
traditional spices that enhance the taste of the food item and write down
the recipe - something which is impossible while in a hotel!
Get geared up for an authentic Indian experience - come home to Delhi,
and forget the hotels!
This article is for Bed and Breakfast in New Delhi, India. Inn at Delhi
is a Bed and Breakfast in Delhi, India and is based on the Delhi Home
Stay Concept.

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