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									Bed and Breakfast Trends
In the current economic climate, more and more families are finding it
harder to afford that annual vacation. As finances become tighter, the
family vacation is one of the first luxuries that end up being
sacrificed. It is no wonder that many hotels and vacation facilities are
seeing a decline in visitors at present and some of them are struggling
to continue trading. Many families are considering camping and self
catering options when it comes to their time away and some are even
staying at home until the financial situation is more stable and interest
rates drop. With some small companies going into closure there are many
people who are struggling to find employment, especially in sectors such
as construction where the instability is really being felt. So what
alternatives are people considering when it comes to their vacations? One
sector which seems to be hanging on and riding out the economic storm is
that of the smaller hotel. The bed and breakfast trends at the moment are
showing that these establishments of 8 or less letting rooms seem to be
coping quite well.
There are a number of reasons for their ability to manage in this less
than favourable economic climate. One of the main factors is their
suitability for short visits. If you are unable to afford a whole week or
fortnight package vacation, you can be more flexible when booking at a
bed and breakfast hotel. Short stays of only a couple of nights are
possible and this can mean not only smaller bills, but less time taken
off work... essential if you are self employed or do not have any paid
vacation time from the your employer. Bed and breakfast trends show that
most people only actually stay at the establishment for two or three
Another factor that causes the bed and breakfast trends to be favourable
is the fact that many people stay in these establishments for reasons
other than vacation. It may be for a short stay to visit relatives for a
family party or perhaps a wedding. Bed and breakfast hotels are usually
ideally placed in rural areas where it is sometimes difficult to find a
hotel and those in smaller towns may end up being the only option if you
need to stop over for a visit. Very often, even a recession will not be
reason enough to miss out on a good family get together or wedding.
Nearly 90% of bed and breakfast hotel owners are resident on the property
and very often the letting rooms are an integral part of what was their
family home. Because of this they do not have to consider some of the
increasing rents that some slightly larger establishments are currently
suffering. Many of their homes are already paid for and they have
converted some of the family home into bed and breakfast facilities
following the departure of a grown up family. This being the case, they
are economically more able to keep the business going even if times get a
little hard and the bed and breakfast trends are showing that they seem
to be coping.
As small businesses which are run independently by the owners, often you
will find that they are able to offer some incentive to encourage people
to book. It may be free breakfast or internet access. There is usually
something that they can come up with which will set them apart at very
little cost to themselves. Another benefit which may influence the bed
and breakfast trends is the fact that, if it is owned by a couple, one of
them may well have a job which will help to see them through a time when
their income from the bed and breakfast is not as good as it could be.
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